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The Escape Plan Course

2022 Will Be Remembered as the Year of the

“The Big Quit”
“The Age of Resignation”
“The Great Escape”

Will This Be the Year You Finally Escape Your Job and Grab Hold of the Freedom You’ve Been Dreaming About?

Post-pandemic, millions of C-suite professionals, VPs, directors, managers and knowledge workers are taking the leap. They are leaving behind the shackles of traditional business careers and embracing the freedom of self-employment as 6- and 7-figure consultants and highly paid advisors.

Over the last 13 years after working personally with more than 850 consultants we’ve developed a proven, practical program and framework specifically designed to guarantee you, the working professional, can successfully navigate the waters from corporate constraint to consulting independence.

Now it's your turn. Join the upcoming cohort, starting May 3rd 2022, of the Escape Plan program (after this the next cohort doesn't start for another 6 months and the price will increase).

The 60% OFF SALE Including ALL Bonuses Ends In...

Start your 8-week journey to freedom here

Announcing: The Escape Plan: 8 Weeks from Employee to Consultant

If you are a highly-skilled professional who has seriously considered starting out on your own - and if you’re willing to follow a proven program that has helped over 850 professionals achieve their independence - then within 8 short weeks, you’ll have the confidence, strategies, and support you need to find clients fast, do the work you love, and grab hold of the freedom to live and work the way you want to work.

It is very likely you’ll land your first 5-figure client before you even walk out the door of your old job.

All at no risk to you. The only risk is not taking action on your dreams and staying in a job you’re not happy about…

Dear Highly-Skilled Professional:

As ironic as it sounds, lockdown illuminated the path to freedom for millions of professionals like you. All over the world, CEOs, VPs, directors, and managers ZOOMED in on their careers and saw the shackles around their ankles, many for the first time.

During the “Year of Zooming,” all those tasks, projects, meetings, conferences, and huddles that absolutely, positively could NOT be done remotely could suddenly be done remotely.

And when the lockdown lifted a little, and employers started calling their staff back to their offices and cubicles, millions of them said,

“Now that I’ve tasted freedom, I don’t want to go back to prison.”
Escape Plan on different devices

Have the events of the last couple of years made you think…

  • Why do I commute to an office every morning when I could be working from the comfort of my home or in my favorite vacation spot?
  • Why is my income potential limited when I know I could be making a LOT more money?
  • Why must I adhere to my employer’s 9 to 5 schedule, when I could be setting my own agenda?
  • Why must I work for someone else, when I could be enjoying the thrill of entrepreneurship?
  • Why must I have a boss who oversees my every move when I’m more than capable of being my own boss?
  • Why must I do the work that someone else wants me to do, when I could be doing what I do best?
  • Why must I do the same draining projects day after day when I could be selecting only the projects that excite, challenge, and energize me?
  • Why must I be isolated from my spouse and children for 9, 10, 12 hours a day, 351 days a year when I could be creating cherished memories with them every day?
  • Why must my retirement options be limited by my 401K or pension when I could be earning and saving FAR more out on my own?
  • Why must I be feeding someone else’s fortune when I could be growing my own?
  • Why must I use my skills and talents solving problems that don’t inspire me, when I could be making a real difference in the world?


Why must I spend the only life I have…like THIS?

As lockdown proved, you don’t have to. In a Mar 15, 2022 article, The Wall Street Journal reported…

Once viewed as an off-ramp for executives drifting toward retirement or a life-raft for those struggling to re-enter the workforce after a break, independent consulting has emerged as a viable, and even attractive, option in today’s hot job market. Many professionals see the perks: more money, flexible hours and control over the type and amount of work performed. Companies can tap a significantly broader talent pool to work remotely as they struggle to hire all the full-time staff they need.

The share of U.S. workers categorized as freelance, which includes all types of gig workers, remained steady at 36% in 2021. But the number of skilled freelancers within that group—those providing services in high demand like computer programming, writing, business consulting, marketing and information technology—expanded, as temp workers declined, according to a survey of 6,000 working U.S. adults conducted by freelance platform Upwork in 2021.

If there has ever been a time to make your Escape, it’s now.

The “entrepreneurial” consulting business model is thriving. And, if you have skills and experience from your career, you have the tools you need to start.

Start your 8-week journey to freedom here

WARNING: The Great Escape is not for everyone. Many highly-skilled professionals still hesitate to strike out on their own, and for good reason.

You may be anxious and asking…

  • Without a steady paycheck, will I make enough money to provide for my family?
  • Without my company finding clients for me, how will I find them by myself?
  • Without the safety net of insurance and benefits, will I be risking my family’s future?
  • Without the corporate infrastructure supporting me, will my life be more complicated and stressful when I have to do everything myself?

These are valid concerns.

But they are not the experience of our best clients…

I had wanted to make the jump for years but always found a reason not to. At the time I made the move, we had 2 in college and one more ready in just a few years. We just purchased a large home in Northern California. It was scary. I look back now and wonder how I ever lasted so long in corporate life. Now I wake up every day excited to start my day, I work with and for people whom I care about, who I am aligned with, and admire. I make more money than in corporate life (which I didn't think was possible) and I find myself having experiences that I would have never had. For example, sitting at the kitchen table of a Hollywood celebs house on the top of Mulholland Drive, traveling with clients’ friends to Malaysia, or heading to Lisbon for a Mastermind group. It's all pretty amazing.”

Elliot Begoun Elliot Begoun,
TIG Brands

When I launched my strategic consulting business less than 2 years ago, while I held subject matter expertise that could be harnessed to deliver value to ideal clients, I didn’t know anything about running a consulting business. Consulting Success helped me supercharge the launch and beginning stages of my business. I had my first client (which produced six figures of recurring retainer income) on board within 6 months after starting.”

Norris Turner Norris Turner,
Turner Healthcare Consulting

I highly recommend this for new consultants. I have worked at corporations for nearly 15-years and decided to make the leap and become a consultant recently. After a few months, I realized that while I have spent years helping my employers achieve success, I did not have the proper systems in place for myself. This helped me to identify missteps I was making all while getting into the mindset of an elite consultant."

Amber Laws Amber Laws,
Marji Media

The program has transformed me personally and professionally in a very short time frame. I got my first real paying client over the last couple of weeks by utilizing the things I have learned so far. It really feels good to see some positive things coming back to me by putting the things I am learning into action. I would recommend this program to anyone just starting out like me. It is great!”

Chris Berthelson Chris Berthelson,
Wise Precision Business Consulting

I got burned out in the corporate world and decided I wanted to do my own thing, but the truth is even though I knew my expertise, I didn't know how to market and run my own business. I now spend a lot more time with my family. I make twice as much as I did as an employee and I wasn't doing too badly as an employee either. And compared to when I first got started in consulting, I'm making five times more with my fees. I feel excited about the plan I have in place for the future."

Christie Scanlon Christie Scanlon,
Agilum Healthcare Intelligence

Just 2 weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic I started my own consulting practice. Things became difficult overnight. Consulting Success gave me confidence and faith, knowing many others have used and succeeded with it. Could I have done this on my own? Yes, probably, but it might have taken me 12 months or 18 months to get the results that I was after. And here I am just within 6 to 8 weeks and I've got the outcome that I'm after as well as the confidence."

Shivendra Kumar Shivendra Kumar,
Shivendra & Co
Start your 8-week journey to freedom here

If they, and over 850 other Consulting Success Clients can do it, so can you.

Yes, starting out on your own in consulting sounds risky compared to the corporate “safety net” of a steady paycheck. And if you do it the wrong way, if you make the mistakes most professionals make by attempting it without proven, expert guidance - it is very risky.

But, our Consulting Success clients have discovered that, following the proven steps we teach in Escape, it is actually the lowest-risk, highest-profit business you can start in a remote-work world.

Michael & Sam — Zipursky Cousins & Founders of Consulting Success®

What’s Unique about Escape that Makes it So Much Better than all the Other Consulting Coaching Programs Out There?

3 Things Proof, Practicality, and People

Proof: For over 13 years, Consulting Success has personally guided over 850 consultants over the bridge from employee to independent business owner. As you’ve seen above, and you can verify by pouring over the pages and pages of case studies on our website, what we teach works.

Most other programs make vague and watered down proof claims.

We provide the names and faces and business names and details in case study after case study.

We want you to be our next thrilling proof of success story!

Practicality: We asked our clients what was different about Consulting Success and they said, “Most other programs provide information, theory, ideas, mindset shifts (and CS provides those too) but you also give us the practical, step by step, strategies to implement.

The last thing you want or need is more information. Information has become virtually meaningless and valueless in today’s world. You want practical, tangible, specific steps.

You want the confidence that comes from seeing your actions yield results. That’s what Escape is all about. Eight weeks of specific, proven steps that will guarantee your successful transition from employee to independent consultant.

People: Perhaps the most challenging aspect of solo entrepreneurship is loneliness. Who do I turn to when I have questions? Am I out here all alone? Nobody really gets what I’m doing!

Most consulting coaching programs give you advice and strategies and then say, “Good luck!”

No community. No support. No engagement. No people. Do it yourself.

Escape is a “cohort” program. You’ll go through the 8 weeks with other professionals just like you. You’ll have live Zoom meetings once a week. You’ll have access to the community portal to ask and get your questions answered by our expert coaches who have gone from employment to running a successful consulting business. You’ll get implementation support from our instructors. You’ll get encouragement and accountability.

You will not have to go through this alone.

Start your 8-week journey to freedom here

Our Escape Plan Promise to You:

If you seriously desire the freedom and income possible in a successful consulting practice, and if you sign up for Escape, and you attend all the meetings, and you implement the steps we set out for you…

And after 3 weeks, you do not feel confident that following the Escape plan is the best program at the best price to achieve the entrepreneurial and consulting freedom you want…we’ll gladly refund every penny.

No questions asked.

What Exactly Do You Get in Your Escape Plan?

Week 1:
Your Personal Narrative: Your Career Thus Far

  • How to get clarity on your mission and values. Without this, everything goes askew quickly
  • How to identify your real strengths and weaknesses with our Self Discovery Exercise. You’ll be surprised what you learn about yourself - and it will all apply to the steps you take next
  • Your Career Self-Inventory. What your career tells you about how to move forward confidently in your new career.
  • Goal setting: How do you define success? If you don’t know how will you know if you’re getting there?

Week 2:
The Entrepreneurial Consultant Mindset

  • What Is An Entrepreneurial Consultant? And why the other kind rarely succeeds!
  • How to think like a high-six and seven-figure consultant — and put their exact habits into practice every single day
  • Why Become An Entrepreneurial Consultant? See above!
  • Your Challenges & Mindset As An Entrepreneurial Consultant and how to overcome them
  • Day In The Life Of A Consultant. How to ensure it’s the kind of day you want, and avoid creating a consultant career you hate more than your old job!

Week 3:
How To Quit Your Job & Transition To Consulting

  • Preparing Financially. The potholes and surprises that knock most new consultants off track fast
  • Talking With Your Employer. Steps to take to smooth your transition out
  • Emailing Your Network. The best way to find your first paying client before you even walk out the door of your old job
  • Word-for-word scripts on how to reach out to your network and make them your best advocates
  • A polite, non-intrusive way of asking for referrals, introductions, and connections

Week 4:
Specialization Secrets

  • The Theory Behind Specialization. Why generalists have skinny kids
  • Magnetic Messaging with Specialization. Why narrow specialization attracts more clients not fewer
  • The Power of Authority. How to use specialization to get it
  • Putting Your Specialization Into Action. How to work with ecstatic clients who energized you
  • Specialization and Niche Scoring. The ‘scientific’ way to choose your most lucrative and rewarding niche

Start your 8-week journey to freedom here

Week 5:
Strategies for Consulting Fees & Pricing

  • Winning New Business With Your Discovery Offer. This process has put millions in our clients’ pockets and is worth 10X the Escape Plan investment all by itself
  • Full Engagement Offers. Maximizing your fees and not leaving money on the table
  • Should You Ever Lower Your Fees To Get Clients? The wrong answer can put in you in a race to the bottom

Week 6:
Branding & Your Business

  • How to Create a Lead-Generating LinkedIn Brand
  • How to Apply Your Brand In Your Marketing Materials. For higher response rates and lower advertising costs

Week 7:
Effective Contracts & Proposals

  • Mastering The Consulting Proposal

Week 8:
Business Development for Consultants

  • The Marketing Mindset of Elite Consultants. You can do this even if you “hate marketing”
  • Leveraging Your Network For Growth. The easiest and best clients to get and how to get them
  • The Lead-Generation Foundation: Your Ideal Client List. Define them precisely or fill your practice with headache clients
  • LinkedIn Marketing Engine For Consistent Clients. How to construct a leads-round-the-clock sales funnel
  • What most consultants get wrong about marketing and sales — and a better approach for winning clients that is completely different from the way most people sell
  • How to approach sales conversations with your prospective clients so that you feel comfortable selling, are clear about what the client wants and needs, and maximize your fees

Before you even leave your current job, you’ll have everything you need - the steps, the strategies, the support - and most importantly the confidence to make your great escape.

All for Just Two Payments of $995.00

Start your 8-week journey to freedom here

That’s 60% Less than What We Would Charge for the Escape Program Sessions and Resources Sold Separately…

8 Weekly Live Training Sessions $2500
Coaching and Q & A Sessions $1000
Worksheets and Action Plans $500
Private Training Site with All Recordings $1000

I know it sounds cliche, but it is not what you know, but who you know. Communities create magic. That’s why this is such an important part of the Escape Plan. The networking, support, accountability, encouragement and insights you’ll glean from others in the group may very well turn out to be the most valuable aspect of the Escape Plan.

That’s a Total of $5000 and we considered charging that for this program. Frankly, it’s an amazing value at $10,000.

But before April 22nd you can get it for just 2 payments of $995.00

A savings of $3,010.00

Action Taker’s Bonus 1: Consulting Proposal Workshop…$495 Value

We believe in rewarding action. The students that achieve the highest levels of success are the ones who take action and implement the strategies we teach.

So, if you sign up by the deadline, we’ll also include the recording of our 4-hour Consulting Proposal Workshop. Attendees of the original workshop paid $495.00.

Action Taker’s Bonus 2: Website and LinkedIn Optimization Consultation

Send us your LinkedIn profile or the link to your website and our expert will review it and give you recommendations for improving it.

We charge $600 for these consultations, but it’s yours at no charge if you invest in the Escape Plan before April 22nd.

That’s over $1000 in bonuses, added to the $5000 in value for the base program.

A $6000+ value for only 2 payments of $995.00

You save $4,105.00

But only if you take action before April 22nd.

Start your 8-week journey to freedom here

Ask Yourself - What Will ONE Client Be Worth to You In Your New Consulting Career?

We asked our first cohort of Escape Plan professionals, and they told us…


For one client.

Escape Plan is two Payments of $995
When you land your FIRST Client - which you could easily do BEFORE you even leave your current job - you will have earned back your investment in Escape Plan at least 10 Times Over.

And you’ll continue to land high-paying client after high-paying client for years to come. Who knows how many hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars worth of fees you’ll earn over your years as a successful entrepreneur consultant.

All for 2 payments of $995.00

That’s why we say…

Our Escape Plan Promise to You:

If you seriously desire the freedom and income possible in a successful consulting practice, and if you sign up for Escape, and you attend all the meetings, and you implement the steps we set out for you…

And after 3 weeks, you do not feel confident that following the Escape plan is the best program at the best price to achieve the entrepreneurial and consulting freedom you want - we’ll gladly refund every penny.

No questions asked.

Start your 8-week journey to freedom here

How Will You Spend Your Extra Time and Income after You Make Your Great Escape?

  • Will you spend more quality time at home with your kids?
  • Will you take more relaxing and invigorating vacations?
  • Will you spend more time on hobbies, obsessions, and charitable causes dear to your heart?
  • Will you eat better, rest and relax more, exercise more, and LIVE LONGER?
  • Will you get out from under mortgage or credit card debt?
  • Will you experience more joy in your work doing more of what you WANT to do and less of what you HAVE to do?
  • Will you only work with people who are a joy to work with?
  • Will you do your best work, solve challenging problems, and leave a lasting legacy?

We want all of that for you.

And we’ve designed the Escape Plan Program to help you get it faster and easier than any other program.


Start your 8-week journey to freedom here