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Find Your (Company’s) Next Competitive Edge: Book Review

Find Your Next is a book about business processes. Yet not processes in the way we’ve come to know them.

In the field of business, what works for one company won’t necessarily work for another. Even if you’re armed with a well thought out business plan, success is far from guaranteed.

While that might sound depressing, Find Your Next, a book written by Andrea Kates, creator of the Business Genome Approach and consultant to many a fine company, gives us all hope.

Kates’ book provides a blueprint for mapping out our ideas and hunches, from just that, through to executing them with success.

There are 4 steps in this process:

  1. Sort – where you explore and assess all the ideas floating around in your mind.
  2. Match – you go out of your comfort zone by looking at successful models in other industries and see how you can ‘match’ them to yours.
  3. Hybridize – in this stage you take the successful models you’ve discovered (often from other industries) and while remaining true to your brand – graft the new ideas to your company.
  4. Adapt and Thrive – here you need to go beyond the accepted by tearing down old habits and standards to become a leader and create new trends.

Here’s the main thrust of this 4 step process:

Your Business + Graft New Solutions = New Business Strategy.

The book takes you through each of these 4 steps in great detail. But what I found most exciting, and I’m sure many of you will as well, was all the case studies and stories Kates includes.

Why is this book so important? Here’s a line from Kates’ book that says it well…

“The ability to see the future more quickly and respond more nimbly is the new “killer app”, the skill that will enable some companies to thrive and force others to go extinct.”

Or you can take Seth Godin’s word on it…

“Every great strategic thinker usese the ideas in this book…but it took Andrea Kates to write them down for the rest of us.”

Andrea Kates Discusses Find Your Next

Find Your Next is available at Amazon and other bookstores.


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