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Finding Clients for Your PR Consulting Business

When launching any new business, finding clients is one of the major concerns, and a pr consultancy is no different.

So where do you, as a new pr consultancy owner, find the clients you need to get your business going? Here are a few ideas:

  • Volunteer for charity and non profit organisation projects. This may seem counterproductive, as you won’t be getting paid, however, these events do tend to attract a lot of publicity, which will put the spotlight on your new company.
  • Look online. There are online portals advertising pr opportunities, or make your own by posting press releases and articles online, and joining online marketing forums. You could also look for companies in your niche online, and contact them directly.
  • Networking can be a great tool for boosting a new business too. Look for business networks, or those involved in your niche, and sign up. Network online via networking sites like Linkedin and Konnects.
  • Use social media marketing – take advantage of your Facebook and Myspace contacts, create a page or group, and join other groups that relate to your niche.
  • Advertise in industry specific publications for your niche, or in newspapers or magazines that service your niche.
  • Come up with a unique, attention grabbing marketing tactic, or use viral marketing tactics.
  • Send all of your potential clients a small gift, and a letter of introduction, if your budget allows. It need not be expensive, a pen or a key ring featuring your company details will do, and they’ll have a constant reminder of your business.
  • Write a free e-book on a marketing or public relations related topic, and offer it online, on a registration basis, building your opt in email list. Once your list has grown sufficiently, design and send a weekly or monthly newsletter to your subscribers.
  • You could also use this kind of opt in email list to contact clients directly with details of your services.
  • Hold a launch, inviting all major industry players, as well as the media. Only use this one however if you have sufficient funds to pull of a pretty spectacular event – a few soggy sandwiches and cheap wine will not impress!
  • Get your business listed on free business directories and others, including in the yellow pages for your area.
  • Brand your vehicle. By doing this, you create a moving advertisement for your company – although only do this if your vehicle is in good condition – an advertisement for your business on a less than perfect vehicle gives the wrong impression!

By using some or all of these ideas, and coming up with some creative ones of your own, networking, and letting your existing network offer referrals, you should generate interest in your public relations consultancy.

Offering excellent service, and value for money, will retain that interest, and should keep your company ticking over nicely. So put those fantastic PR skills of yours to good use on your first big project – your own business!


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