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Freedom and Lifestyle of Consulting

By Michael Zipursky

I took half of August off this summer and it was one of our company’s best months ever. That’s a great feeling.

During that time I had a good friend in town visiting from Europe. We went to a cabin in the forest for 3 days. Then camping in the mountains near Whistler with my wife, and a few days later we took a boat up the coast to spend four days at a beautiful suite we rented right on the ocean.

Another important factor is how you structure the way you work and how you set expectations for the project with your client.

Lifestyle of Consulting

The reason I’m telling you this is not to boast. It’s the lifestyle consulting can provide you with.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t always like this. I put in many long days and still do sometimes when we’re gearing up for a big launch or new client program. Yet I’m able to work when I want, with whomever I want, and most of the work can be done from anywhere.

Earlier in the year I spent two weeks in Japan. And while I had two days I got up at 4am for client calls (because of the time change) the rest of the days were spent as they would be at my office.

Once you’re hired by your client, in the majority of cases you can do the work from anywhere, anytime, as long as the results and value produced are exceptional and that it’s all completed on time.

Freedom and lifestyle is one of the many reasons consultants get into this business. Yet, a great deal of them struggle to earn a significant income and they end up working far more hours than they would have at a 9-5 JOB.

Using the Right Structures

There’s nothing wrong with putting in more time when you love the work you do. But if you want to have full control of your schedule, lifestyle all while earning a significant income, you need to have the right structures and practices in place.

For example, your pricing can be determined by the number of hours you work, or it can be determined by the value you produce.

Two Approaches with Different Results

With the first approach, you’ll spend more TIME trying to make more MONEY. With the second approach, you’ll make more MONEY by spending LESS time.

Another important factor is how you structure the way you work and how you set expectations for the project with your client.

These distinctions have a profound impact on the level of success, lifestyle and freedom you can enjoy.

8 thoughts on “Freedom and Lifestyle of Consulting

  1. There are some obvious facts mentioned in this post leading to your paid services.
    To be honest you lost me a little on this one.
    Something is just not right with this post, comparing to previous ones.

    • Hi Navid – thanks for your comment. Yes, I do run a business and I share resources that I believe in and that have been proven to help consultants become more successful. I hope the small mention at the end of the article about the Consulting Success System doesn’t take away from the value and message in the article. Interested to know what you and others think?

      • Roger Kimmich says:

        The key take-away from the article is the shift in mindset a consultant should take IF they want to have the lifestyle you’re talking about. That difference is being paid for the value you provide as a consultant rather than simply the hours you put in, which is a limiting structure.
        …some of the tools that you provide (and market) aide in that shift. If you believe they have value to your clients (in this case, us…your readers and fellow consultants), it makes complete sense to offer it.
        At any rate, thank you for all of the great content you provide.

        • Appreciate your input and feedback as well Roger! Glad the articles and resources are helpful.

      • Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with mentioning your services at end of each article, just the way you did it this time was a little different, I may say careless maybe.
        Thank you for all of your insightful articles.
        Be Victorious!

  2. Rick Anderson says:

    interesting stuff…will continue to learn more……fwiw…it’s “any time” regards

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