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Case Study

Streamlined Process Leads to Less Hours Worked, 500% Increase in Fees and Significant Growth

Through the great insights he learned from Consulting Success®, Kristjan Zemljic was able to increase his fees by as much as 500% while cutting down his work hours per project.

Too Much Work for Too Little Pay

Kristjan Zemljic’s company, Global Disruption, helps deep-tech companies and tech startups win EU funding, equity funding, and public funding for their research and development and go-to-market activities, so they can turn their prototype solutions into commercial products. However, before coming to Consulting Success®, the company lacked a clear message, did not yet have a distinct brand identity, and were essentially two separate companies struggling to put the pieces together.

Kristjan still remembers very clearly the first questions we asked him when he came to Consulting Success®: Where does your money come from, and what is your hourly rate? As Kristjan explained, “I couldn't answer that question. We were doing all kinds of things: small consulting projects, proposal reviews, training, a lot of stuff. And I had a hard time putting all these things together to estimate what an average hourly rate should look like.”

As we helped him break down the value of these services, it soon became clear that proposal writing was killing his business. He charged a flat rate for each of these projects, which often took anywhere from 200 to 400 hours. When Kristjan divided the project fee by the number of hours worked, he realized his hourly rate for this service was so low that money was actually bleeding out of the company.

It was a massive wake-up call.

Finding the Real Sources of Revenue

Consulting Success® helped him weed out these low-value services and identify the things that drove real profit. As it turned out, reviewing and helping clients present their proposals created far more value and offered a much better revenue stream for the company. Kristjan created a step-by-step guide to help clients through the entire proposal process, automating much of the learning so that he was spending an average of forty hours per project.

As Kristjan said, “This was a huge breakthrough in efficiency that it was really a lifesaver.” Indeed, it transformed the entire company. With an automated platform, clients could always come back and review the material, which kept them connected, and Kristjan was no longer spending hundreds of hours per project at a low hourly rate.

Consulting Success® also helped Kristjan clarify his messaging, so he was targeting the right prospective clients. He no longer had to wade through requests from clients in the wrong industries or the wrong product development stage. At the same time, Global Disruption sped up their client onboarding process by integrating a pre-qualifying questionnaire to weed out projects that weren’t a good fit.

Streamlined Processes and 500% Higher Fees

In the end, Global Disruption had a brand-new offer, a new image, a targeted presence across the internet, and a more profitable package of services, raising their fees by as much as 500 percent. It took approximately four months to really begin seeing the impact of these changes, but soon Kristjan was enjoying a windfall. At one point, he had seventeen projects going at the same time, each consuming far fewer work hours at significantly higher prices. As he put it, “Instead of spending at least 200 hours per project, suddenly I was spending thirty to forty hours—which was such a relief!”

However, the sheer number of projects became more than he could handle, so he began recruiting more team members for all of the lucrative projects that were coming in. He now has a team of five, and revenue has been so good that the company was able to pay off the mortgage on their office space. Kristjan attributes all of this amazing growth to the “great insights” he gained from Consulting Success®, which helped him streamline his processes, clarify and target his messaging, and discover the real value of his services.

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