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Win Big by Getting Published

By Consulting Success
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A published book can open many doors for you and help you with marketing your consulting services. A timely book will establish you as an expert, demonstrate a respected ability to organize and articulate your point of view, get you multiple speaking engagements, boost your brand throughout the industry and multiply your intellectual assets. All this comes at a very low capital expenditure. Sure there will be expenses for the marketing and promotion of your book, but your biggest cost will be the time you spend writing.

Successful consultants are always battling the clock, juggling professional and personal commitments while constantly seeking new entrees to new work. Authoring a book will put additional strain on an already overloaded schedule. For this reason, 90% of authors do not complete their manuscripts.

Writing a book is hard work. The rewards are vast but the demands are ongoing and imposing. To get a satisfactory return on your investment, there will be much promotional activity after the creative work is finished. Consultants who cannot commit proper time to create and promote should stay with more conventional marketing tools.

Conceive a Gem
Authors take their work personally. The creative writing process is often compared to birthing a child. To conceive a book that will appeal to publishers, you must begin by conceiving a concept that is timely, marketable and innovative. Consultants who do not generate a manuscript that satisfies these three basic requirements do not get published.

The outline for your manuscript should succinctly deal with the five Ws; who, what, where, when, why. Your writing will focus on these five Ws and your after-publication promotional work will also concentrate on these elements.

Publishing is a conservative, competitive business. Of late, it is an industry dominated by super stars. To get published, you will most likely need an agent and a well structured book proposal. Even then the process is unpredictable and lengthy. As a result, many consultants choose to self-publish.

Edit the Rough Stuff
Just when you think you are finished, a publisher will link you to an editor. This can often be a love-hate relationship where your writing style comes under close scrutiny. This editor may never have written a book, but the editor knows what the publisher wants and what generates a response from the readership, or the buyers.

Working your way through the editing process will sharpen your writing abilities and condense your manuscript. Working with an editor will also give you new insight on what readers want. The editor will not change your point of view but will increase the effectiveness of your work. This exercise will help when you take on the promotional side of the venture and when you take on writing your next book.

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