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Give Attention to Marketing Your Consulting Services

It was 7am on a wet and dark winter morning and I was walking into a local coffee shop for a meeting.

Back story: A friend of mine asked me to meet with Dennis. I was told he was a successful entrepreneur and business person. He’d spent quite a bit of time in Asia as I had.

After I told my friend I’d be happy to meet with Dennis I received a call from him. In fact, I wasn’t that happy about meeting at first. I’m always happy to meet and help people when I can, but I had a crushing schedule and just didn’t feel like having another meeting to chit chat.

Dennis told me he’d like my help and to tell me about his business plans. I gave in and told him I’d be happy to have a quick meeting.

The Meeting

We arranged to meet at a local coffee shop just over the bridge from my home.

I walked into the coffee shop and saw a guy with a big smile on his face. It was Dennis. Full of energy.

We had a good talk over a strong coffee. Dennis had accomplished a lot. He had worked in the Middle East, South East Asia, Japan and North America. He had a good list of clients to his name. And now back in the city Dennis was pushing hard to make this next chapter of his business a success.

We had a good talk over a strong coffee. Dennis had accomplished a lot. He had worked in the Middle East, South East Asia, Japan and North America.

He told me all about his plans. I mostly listened.

Confidence vs. Planning

Dennis was confident. Sure that he had what it took to be successful. He’d been successful before so why not now, or so he thought.

Dennis was out networking a lot. He even placed some ads to try and drum up business.

But just the other day I ran into Dennis downtown. He was packing it up. Folding his cards. He told me he wanted a full-time job. He couldn’t deal with the instability of being a consultant.

I wasn’t going to try and convince Dennis otherwise. I could see in his eyes he’d already made up his mind. But I just had to know why it didn’t work out for him…

Marketing the Problem

As he told me about the actions he took and the challenges he faced, one thing became clear. Dennis may have been skilled at what he did, but he wasn’t marketing himself and his services enough.

I know Dennis isn’t alone. Having skills to get a project done and yet lacking marketing skills to land new clients and business is one of the biggest issues consultants face.

If you’ve ever felt this way you are not alone. Marketing and selling your services is the most important part of your business.

Attention Please

Far too few people give enough attention and time to their own marketing. The more you put into marketing and selling, and as long as you are doing the right things, the more you will get out of it.

Are you marketing yourself and your services enough?


Develop a predictable
pipeline of clients.

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13 thoughts on “Give Attention to Marketing Your Consulting Services

  1. Errol says:

    Good info! It’s very important to properly market your services!

  2. Sharon says:

    As a consultant for many years I find marketing to be a foundational component to business success.

    Making sense of a client need and assuring them that you are the best Co. to meet their need/solve their problem is a critical competency for business success.

  3. Dário Viegas says:

    I have been investing in Online Marketing Services like Facebook, Google Adwords and Linkedin. Right away the activity on my webpage started to spike increasing fairly high. It is too soon to say if this Marketing plan will provide any income, but so far my company image is being shared by thousands through these social networks and making a stand on my presence on the market.

    • Dario – that is great that you’re trying different marketing approaches to promote your business. Not enough people do that, so good on you! Just remember, that even if it doesn’t work right away, don’t jump ship to something else too soon. Try to figure out what is working and what isn’t until you start to see the potential and then the profit.

  4. This is so spot on. It is very hard to remember that you actually have to work on your marketing in order to generate additional business. One thing to note though, it is very hard in the beginning to create the right networks and relationships in order to build a good sustainable business and a contiously flow of contacts. Just keep at it and it’ll work out at the end.

  5. Daryl says:

    You are absolutely right! Whenever our engineering colleagues ask us how to break into consulting, we tell them “Prepare to peddle your behind off…” Unfortunately, most engineers don’t want to do that. Fortunately, we’ve done it for 25 years now. It must be done!

    • Daryl – that’s what separates the ones that become successful from the ones that don’t – ie. how prepared you are to work hard, promote your offerings, and do it all in the right way.

  6. This is why focus is important.. (rather than spreading yourself too thin wearing different hats, even within the same industry). Thanks for this post!

  7. As a social media marketing consultant, I continue to find it fascinating that small business owners and service professionals that I meet are reluctant to “market” their products and services. They frequently say they know they should be doing marketing, but they don’t have time for this.

    Perhaps we need to use a different word than “marketing” to impress upon people how they need to get out the word about themselves and what they offer.

    When I talk to people about using social media to promote themselves, I always explain that social media is about sharing and NOT about selling. This is an important distinction in how someone thinks about promoting his or her services.

    Phyllis Zimbler Miller

  8. SharonSorensen says:

    Marketing is an intergrated component to every successful business.

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