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Global Consulting: Review of Alan Waldman Books

I’ve just finished reviewing two books by global consultant and founder of Waldman Biomedical Consultancy, Alan A. Waldman, Ph.D.

While I was contacted and expected to receive one of Alan’s books, I was surprised to receive two of them!

I had never heard of Alan’s company or work before, primarily, I guess, because I haven’t done much work in the biomedical field. However, his work and experience as a consultant in the field are no doubt extensive.

What excited me about his work is his global focus. I mean, this guy has consulted all over the map. With that as a bit of an entrance, let’s get into these two books.

adventuresalanwaldmanAdventures in Global Consulting
This book is broken down into short chapters by country. In each chapter Alan shares an experience he’s had, in China or Belgium let’s say, and then provides a lesson at the end of each story.

Not every lesson and story in this book is directly applicable to consultants. Many are cultural lessons.

However, I enjoyed how easy these chapters were to digest and found myself nodding to many of the cultural notes.

If you’re someone that does a lot of business overseas and wants to sharpen their cultural skills, there are many lessons in this book for you. Understanding culture is critical when doing international business.

For someone that’s done a lot of business travel you may find this book a bit introductory, but it’s always interesting to read someone else’s take on issues such as these.

discoveredalanwaldmanDiscovered Global Wisdom
This book is much shorter than the first at just over 65 pages. What you’ll find here are short sayings and thoughts that the author has picked up or come up with over his 25 plus years as a global consultant.

While I didn’t find any revelations in these pages, if you’re like me, you probably enjoy a good saying or proverb from time to time…and this book offers many in a light and easy-to-read fashion.

Overall I found myself wanting to know more about Alan A Waldman’s work. With almost three decades of consulting experience all over the globe I’m sure there are hundreds of stories and lessons that didn’t make it to these books. Perhaps, those are the ones I’d be most interested in hearing.

You can find out more information about Alan’s books and his company by visiting


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2 thoughts on “Global Consulting: Review of Alan Waldman Books

  1. Craig Davis says:

    These books are really great. I’ve learned so much and they’re also pretty enjoyable to read. Many of the stories and anecdotes are really funny and some really informed me about cultural taboos and different business practices. I would definitely recommend these books to anyone who’s traveled abroad or planning to do so in the near future.

    • Thanks Craig. Always happy to hear what others think about the books we review here.

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