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How a Green Consulting Firm Finds Clients

If you’ve decided to start your own green consulting firm, have the necessary skills and experience, and have set up an office, you may be wondering where to find your clients.

There are quite a few places you can begin your search, and here are just a few ideas:

Government Departments
Often, when planning developments or improvements to facilities, government departments will retain the services of a green consulting companies.

Given the scope of governments, with sports, healthcare, waste management, building and construction and more in their collective portfolios, becoming an accredited supplier to your local or national government can be a lucrative proposition.

Bear in mind that companies who deal with governments have to comply with their criteria, which may include a host of legislative and registration issues, and it can be a long process becoming registered. So if you plan to go this route, start now!

Also a factor is that most government projects will be subject to open or invited tender or bid, so you will be competing against several other companies, on a level playing field.

Large Corporations
Large companies, particularly those involved in manufacturing and processing of goods, often require the services of green consultants, whether to determine the best waste management processes and procedures, or create plans for reducing pollution and other manufacturing by products.

Again, many large corporations require registration on vendor lists, and may require bids or tenders to be submitted for projects, but again, given the potential volumes of work, this can be well worth the time.

Construction Companies and Developers
With the availability of land for development and construction in sought after areas becoming less and less, and with development projects increasingly bordering on ecologically sensitive areas, environmental consultants are becoming more and more involved in construction projects, from pre construction environmental impact assessments, right through to completion.

In some instances, environmental issues only become apparent in the middle of a project, so you may find that these companies are in a big hurry to hire the right firm, to avoid costly delays.

A great way to get yourself involved in this potentially lucrative field is to approach other consultants, such as architects, engineers, project managers and quantity surveyors, as well as the construction companies and developers themselves, and offer your services.

Private Individuals
Many private individuals are becoming more aware of the environmental impact their lifestyle is having on the earth. More and more are opting for alternative energy as a supplement or replacement, and when building, many choose to use environmentally friendly processes.

If this is your niche, advertising in home improvement magazines, on your own website, elsewhere online and even in newspapers may help get your foot in the door.

Whichever area you choose to focus on in your environmental consultant practice, you will find that the demand for this type of service has grown significantly, and well run, expert environmental consulting firms should have no trouble finding plenty of work!

So build your portfolio of successful projects, fine tune your consultants marketing plan and decide on your target, then make some enquiries and start getting contracts!


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