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Guaranteed Consulting – Standing Behind Your Product

By Consulting Success
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For projects your consulting business really wants, you can increase your chances for being awarded the consultancy by standing behind your product. Guaranteeing results opens eyes and wallets.

A service guarantee should be a two way street. Your will guarantee the consulting client’s satisfaction and in reward he will furnish you an incentive to complete the job correctly and on time. Win – Win consultancies are the best. They show commitment, confidence and inspire cooperation.

However, some projects do not fit the mold. If the company may be sold, or if the company’s management might change, or if the client is not as committed to the project as you are, hold back on the guarantee.

The reality is that most clients will hold back the final installments on a project to verify the results. In essence, this is their satisfaction guarantee. As a consultant, you realize that each project has certain risks and variables. If you can identify the intangibles, you will sense the viability of a guarantee. While the guarantee can sway business your way, make sure the client’s environment is ripe for success.

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