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Guest Post – Consulting using Twitter

By Sam Zipursky
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Today’s Guest Post is by Susan Varty of Wordtree Consulting in Toronto. Susan is a writer, communications consultant and college professor. If you are in the Toronto area, you may be interested in signing up for her new 1-day course she’s offering: Hands-on Twitter course: Reaching decision-makers.

Do you watch television? What channels interest you the most when you turn it on? Do you still listen to the radio?

What if there was a station for every person with an Internet connection? What if you could chat with conference attendees without traveling – or even paying for the conference?

That’s Twitter. The only difference is that you have the ability to interact and connect personally, immediately – unlike television and radio.

This new medium is starting to become the norm for business people – and if they haven’t already thought about it – they are now.

Of course, consultants like you are often on the front lines to answer “social media” questions even though you may not have signed up for that role.

But more and more mediums are becoming important in the search for harder-to-find revenue dollars. Staying informed, aware, and being able to advise your clients appropriately has become almost a 24/7 job. More and more businesses are embracing online culture, low-cost/no-cost marketing, and tapping into word-of-mouth potential.

Working in an “offline” culture, your clients may say they don’t get it – and say they never will. As consultants, it’s one thing to agree, another to challenge. The most valued customers usually appreciate a fresh perspective and that’s probably why they hired you. Don’t let them miss these opportunities to engage their customers online. Educate yourself, learn the new mediums. We still use the phone, television, radio, photocopiers, books – why not give yourself the edge in this new decade? The “free factor” and its ease-of-use makes Twitter seem trivial. Think again.

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