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Helicopters, Sick Stomachs, and Consulting


Just outside of OGG, Maui’s airport, is a series of buildings that are home to private helicopter rentals.

We got into our helicopter at about 1pm. As soon as the helicopter took off you could see the beach and the glimmering ocean.

If you want to reach success fast, drop everything you’re doing and figure out where you want to go to.

Our pilot took us around the Maui coastline and then across the straight to Molokai Island, an almost private island and great forest reserve.

The helicopter dipped and turned as we flew through misty canyons and by waterfalls. We saw where a few episodes of Lost was filmed as well as the upcoming Jurassic Park movie.


As the speed of the helicopter increased our turns became more abrupt. I was on the helicopter with 4 others in one of my business groups.

One of the guys brought his fiancé on the flight and it became apparent rather quickly that she wasn’t taking the ups and downs and quick turns well.

The pilot turned and looked at her, noticing that she was feeling ill.

He said, “Mandy, you’ll be fine, just look straight ahead and don’t look to the sides. Stay focused on the tree line ahead.”

This reminded me of many consultants who are themselves spinning on the brink of losing control.

To create a successful business you need to see ahead. You must be focused. The more you give in to distractions the less progress you’ll make and the worse you’ll feel.

If you want to reach success fast, drop everything you’re doing right now and figure out where you want to go to.

You’re currently at point A, what does point B look like, and how will you get there?

Then take the actions necessary to make that happen.

That’s what it’s all about. If you want help, let me know here.


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8 thoughts on “Helicopters, Sick Stomachs, and Consulting

  1. Neil says:

    Good reminder Michael, thanks and hopefully Mandy enjoyed the rest of her flight!

  2. Mike Hajnik says:

    Great article! I just shared it on my LinkeIn page!

  3. George Opiyo says:

    Hahahah! This reminds me of my own childhood walk in rural village darkness. As long as l walked with half focus on the destination and half on the surrounding shrubs, stones or mounds of earth l pass during day time, everything seemed to be moving and intimidating…in darkness! My lesson was as simple as this one you just shared here Mike.I had only two options to get me to my destination with the same blood pressure and adrenaline level l started off with. One ,I’d stop walking and take a hard,cold look at the “intimidating” objects. They immediately become what they really were-stationery, scare-free objects. I would regain my breath and courage and move on. Secondly, l would fix my eyes straight on the destination,without side glances. I’d have both my breath and courage in check. But on one un lucky night, l had an encounter with real hyenas.and my side look saved me in good time. My lesson? Half-hearted pursuit of a vision delivers late results,accompanied by bruises that even the results cannot heal. Absolutely ignoring the side scares is foolhardy…some could be real hyenas,waiting to devour….real threats shouldnt be ignored even with the best and clearest vision and mission.

  4. Abby says:

    Lovely Michael! Reminded me of the reason i do what i do.

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