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Hello Consulting Success, Goodbye Business Consulting Buzz!

New Look

Like the new look?

By now you’ve likely noticed that Business Consulting Buzz has become We’ve been working on this change for a while, and I want to share with you the back story.

Why the Change?

Responsive Design
First and foremost it was time for the website to update its look. While we often got compliments on the design of the previous site, it wasn’t responsive. As more and more people are accessing websites from their mobile phones and tablets, it was important that we make the new site work for all devices.

Consulting Success is now on a consistent domain name,, and the brand feels a lot happier.

While we originally selected the domain name with SEO in mind, over time that has become less important. Our brand wasn’t as consistent as we wanted it to be. On one hand, we called the site Business Consulting Buzz, and on the other, we had our domain name

Consulting Success is now on a consistent domain name,, and the brand feels a lot happier.

There was another reason. Every time I was interviewed and the host would ask for my website, my response was consulting dash While it may not sound like a big issue, that bothered me. It didn’t come across as professional as it should, it was harder to remember, and frankly…felt like a mouthful. Now I can say, Michael Zipursky from Easy to say, easy to remember.

When we first launched the name Business Consulting Buzz, we liked it and thought it was great. Over time we realized that not only was it long and wordy…it didn’t represent the vision and goals of our business. is all about helping consultants to become more successful. We work with all kinds of consultants (not just business consultants), in many industries all over the world. In fact, we have customers in close to 100 countries.

While our design and name have changed, our vision remains the same. We’ll continue to provide training, consulting courses, books, workshops, articles and resources to help you land more clients, increase your income and have more fun doing it. And that’s what is all about.

Making this change wasn’t an easy decision. While we clearly knew we wanted to do it, we also had several concerns. What would happen to our traffic and all the links we’ve received from other sites? Would our sales drop? Would the name change cause confusion? What about all our data, social media, newsletter, shopping cart and other accounts? All would need to be updated.

Our greatest success comes when you’ve implemented what you’ve learned and seen success from it.

The reality is that making a change like this after 5 years is a big decision. Alot of planning has gone into it and I’m proud of everyone on the team for the work they’ve put in.

Ultimately, what swung the decision in favor of moving ahead was our long term vision. We’re not in this to make a quick buck and go sit on the beach. My goal, the goal of everyone on the team, is to continue producing the best training and resources to help you become more successful. And with the new brand we can do that better than ever before.

Our greatest success comes when you’ve implemented what you’ve learned and seen success from it. We have countless testimonials on this site from consutlants around the world that have used what they’ve learned in our trainings, products and even free articles to land new projects, get more clients, charge a higher rate, manage their business more effectively and feel more confident. That success is what we’re all about.

And that’s what our name is all about Consulting Success – we’re in the business of helping consultants become more successful.

What do you think?
We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new site and name. If you notice any errors or issues with the site, please contact us. We’re doing our best to catch any bugs that pop up in the transition of a site this size, but it’s possible we’ve missed something…so appreciate you letting us know.


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36 thoughts on “Hello Consulting Success, Goodbye Business Consulting Buzz!

  1. Gary Hitching Assoc. says:

    Much better name and totally understand your reasons for changing. These decisions can’t be taken lightly so hats off to you for being brave!

  2. Gloria says:

    Whew… when I read the heading I thought you were actually leaving… The website looks fantastic. As an image consultant, I look forward to your interviews and blogs. Thank you

  3. Christian Okwuchukwu says:

    sounds better..i really need you guys help on my educational consultancy…which i just started

      • Christian Okwuchukwu says:

        thanks alot..i will have a good look at it now

      • Christian Okwuchukwu says:

        hello..i filled the form on the link but cant see where to submit it

          • Christian Okwuchukwu says:


          • I think I see the error. We’ll look into fixing it right away. We’ll send you an email so you can submit that way.

  4. David P O' Shaughnessy says:

    Great strategic move guys. Change can be a powerful motivator and an invigorating driver when used wisely. Best of luck and keep it real.


    David P O’ Shaughnessy

    Owner, ( I’ve gotta slim down mine too)

  5. Trudy Phillips says:

    I like it. And your reasoning is very solid and well thought out. Will continue following you.

  6. Great looking site, guys! What an eye-catching subject line; I thought you guys were leaving entirely. Shew! I’m sure this was a long time coming.

    • Bobbi – Thank you. The intention wasn’t to scare anyone – but getting your attention was part of the plan 😉

      • Well, you definitely succeeded in getting my attention! 😉

  7. Wozniak LLC says:

    I like the new name and branding. Great update. Thanks for all your help and awesome service.

  8. Kari I. Mattila says:

    Kiss = clear. And actually the reasoning helped me as I’m right now in the process of thinking company name and the outlook on different medias! All the best!

  9. Really love the name change, understand and respect the change. Best wishes moving forward!

  10. Mark Maclean says:

    Great new brand and solid rationale – we would expect nothing else! 🙂
    And the two other articles on the home page are perfect for where I’m at right now. Thanks again, Michael, I love your work.

  11. Vassilis Kassimatis says:

    Very efficient approach! Congratulations once again!

  12. Chinwe Kalu says:

    It’s one thing to teach others but another thing to practice what you preach. You have done exactly what you would advised me to do. That is what makes your site authentic. The new name definitely suits your vision better. It sounds more professional. Congratulations. Ck

  13. Dania Sandfia says:

    I’m new to this site but think the change was an awesome idea. I’d also love to see more for college students who are interested in consulting careers and internships. Thanks and good luck!

  14. Ricus Nieuwoudt says:


    I have previously hoped you would get rid of the hyphen and by making changes to the domain would have been ideal, yet I wouldn’t have changed the Business Consulting Buzz since Consulting has so many subject fields to focus on, yet you had made changes to suit your circumstances.

    I can’t seem to download the Free Consultant’s Toolkit due to the error:

    Error: please double check that the email address is correct.

    My e-mail is correct.


    Ricus Nieuwoudt

    [email protected]

    • Hi Ricus – it looks like you used that email to sign up Jan 5, 2013 originally. That’s why you can’t use it again if you’re trying to reach the free toolkit. We’ll send you an email with access to it for your convenience.

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