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When Businesses Should Hire Consultants

Thinking about hiring a consultant?

I just read an article by Kenyan based Business Daily titled “Businesses should tap consultants for valuable professional advice.”

It offers a good introduction into the role consultants should and shouldn’t play for business owners. The most important point, and one that I’m a big believer in, is that business owners shouldn’t keep consultants around just because they think it’s going to help their business.

Consultants should be called in for their expertise and experience, to help the business owner tackle a specific challenge or meet a targeted goal.

That’s not to say that your engagement will be short-term. As I’ve mentioned before, most of my clients I’ve been with, not for weeks or months, but years.

As long as clear targets are laid out and agreed to by both the business owner and the consultant, and those targets are being met…there’s no need to stop what’s working.

Check out the full article from Business Daily on working with consultants.


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