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How Business Marketing Consultants Break Into the Field

Many businesses are crying out for expert advice, even if their owners fail to realize it.

Fortunately, professionals such as business marketing consultants are well-suited to any industry, allowing for significant improvements across the board. Perhaps the biggest reason marketing experts are in such high demand is because they cover such a broad range of topics. Marketing can consist of anything from advertising to SEO practices, benefiting any type or size of business, regardless of its history or current status.

Why Companies Need You
Business marketing consultants are always up-to-date on the latest developments in the field, which helps to take the guesswork out. Since this area is always evolving, it can be hard for business owners to keep up with the newest ideas and opportunities. In fact, with so many options to choose from to promote a business, it’s not uncommon for a manager or owner – even an in-house marketing team – to shy away from the more extensive marketing duties and stick to the tried-and-true, traditional methods.

Shedding Light on a Bad Experience
Sometimes past experience plays a major role in a business owner’s reluctance to seek the help of a marketing authority. It only takes one bad experience to sour a company leader on an entire industry’s worth of experts, so it is important to watch for major clues. If you are contacted by a business leader who does not appear to be overenthusiastic about bringing in marketing support, ask them a variety of questions. Find out if they have worked with a marketing consultant in the past and don’t be surprised by the response. Many businesses dish out thousands of dollars to improve the status of their venture, only to be badly burned by someone who brought few results to the table.

Using Your Work to Prove Your Abilities
It is imperative that you are able to showcase your past successes to new clients. Remember, scale is not as important as the results themselves, so feel free to subtly brag about turning around that small, family-operated ice cream business – even if you’re attempting to convince the grandest of CEOs or presidents. Constantly remind them that you adhere to a proven system, bringing improvement to every business you tackle. Let the business owner speak. Allow them to tell you their story and ask questions based on the information they provide, to make them feel valued and to demonstrate your skills as a great listener; this will also help to build trust in the early stages.

Market Yourself, Not Just Others
Once you have formed a trusting relationship with the owner or senior official, explain the many routes that can be taken to bring success to the company. Discuss all aspects of your expertise and explain each option in detail. As the professional, it is your responsibility to encourage each client into your circle of trust by describing your abilities and options. The marketing field encompasses standard advertising practices, strategic development, research, keyword and search engine optimization, affiliates programs, newsletters and e-mail campaigns, online promotion, and budget analysis. As a result, there are very few companies that a business marketing consultant cannot guide and improve.


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