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How Consultants Should Deal With Doubt

If there’s one thing that affects more consultants than anything else, it’s doubt.

The uncertainty of not knowing when you’ll get your first client or your next.

The drama that takes place in your mind when you’re questioning when your current contract will end…

…Wondering if you’d be better off working a 9-5 job – because it would be “so much easier”.

And how about the loneliness that claws at you as you sit in your home office wondering what to do next.

Every consultant, entrepreneur and business owner faces doubt.

The thing about it is, you can let it consume your mind and steadily slow you down. Or you can accept that it’s normal, because it is, and keep moving forward.

Doubts job is to sway you. To knock you off your course. Many people fall victim and let it win. But it doesn’t have to.

Keep plugging away! You’re a consultant because that’s what you wanted to be. You cherish the challenges, the freedom and the financial rewards that have come with it or soon will.

So keep at it!

When doubt comes knocking at your door, say “Hi”, acknowledge its presence, and then slam the door shut on its face with a quick “Goodbye”.

If something has been bothering or challenging you as a consultant and keeps raising doubt in your mind, feel free to get it off your chest in the comments below. Many of us have probably shared the same experiences.


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10 thoughts on “How Consultants Should Deal With Doubt

  1. Jessica Allen says:

    How did you know I needed this encouragement today! Thanks! This is so true! The only other thing I think makes me question myself, is the fear of failing from a clients prosective. I sometimes question wheither or not I can deliever the job I have promised. Any advice? Or books maybe you could suggest? Thanks!

    • Jessica – thanks for reaching out. Make sure that you and your client are on the same page and that you both agree on the results and deliverables you’ll provide. It’s often better to create several small goals out of a project than one big one. That way you can knock them off as you move along and if something goes wrong, not only will you know where the problem happened, you’ll still be able to show your client that results were achieved in several other areas … and that you’re working on improving the areas that need more work.

      You may want to check out another recent article on Defining Consulting Success.

  2. I am so grateful for this article this morning. You were obviously reading my mind. Man, and we can give up so easily!! So, there I go, pulled up my socks and rolled up my sleeves, again.
    Thank you so much – truly needed this encouragement today.

  3. Stacy says:

    OMG! I sooo needed to read this today! (As well as your more current post on ‘Stop Wasting Time’) I have been a consultant for only a little over a year and have been having so much doubt in the past month. I am actively seeking clients, but just not getting any real business still. I have been questioning if this is right for me, which has put me in limbo. Thank you for your posts and getting me to realize I need to get off my butt and get positive again!

  4. this forum is a great idea, i would like to see a chat room that we could all go to and bounce ideas and encourage each other as they say it is lonely at the top and very easy to just think my give a da%^$ is busted and it would be nice to be able to get a boost from once your stuck it is tough to climb back out.

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