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How Consultants Work Smarter: Book Review

There are only 1440 minutes in a day. That’s just 96 15 minute blocks.

Each 15 minute block is roughly 1 percent of your day!

Are you making the most of that time?

That is the question that Jason Womack puts to you in his new book, Your Best Just Got Better: Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More, published by John Wiley and Sons.

Jason is an executive coach and speaker that travels the world over 100 times a year to work with CEOs and employees in the area of workplace performance. He’s also a seasoned athlete, taking part in triatholons and marathons. Combine his experience in both areas and the result is someone with a unique and strikingly powerful insight into time management and productivity.

Identify a very specific area you want to improve. Focus your attention on making the best better in one area of your life, and clarify what that will look like when you get there.

Focus, Focus, and More Focus

We all know that focus is key to being productive. The question then is how can we best focus?

What do we need to do in order to create a mindset that allows us to get more done?

Womack takes us through a process he has developed and proven over the years to help answer those questions and many more.

Turning Wasted Time Into Productive Time

We’ve all been there. Arriving at a meeting and having to wait. A conference call suddenly being pushed back 15 minutes.

Most people find it hard to make something out of this ‘wasted time’. Womack provides clear steps and ideas we can all use to turn this time into a productive time of our day.

For example, Womack always carries thank you cards with him. When waiting for a meeting to start he’ll pull one out and write a thank you note to a client or colleague. Pop a stamp on it and done. Sounds simple, yet it’s quite powerful when you think about what he’s just accomplished.

Dealing with Distractions

Distractions are all around us. They’re a bigger problem then most of us think.

Jason shares specific ways we can eliminate the distractions around us and get back the time they are taking from us.

Client Stories

Throughout the book Womack shares real life consulting client stories and examples. The book is easy to read, the writing flows well. And Womack has done a great job packing it full of valuable content.

Here’s an outline of what you’ll learn:

  • Identifying Your Role in Making Your Best Better
  • Building and Sustaining Habits That Lead to Productivity
  • Get the Most from 1 Percent of Your Day
  • If You Think You Can, You Probably Can
  • Creating a Powerful Personal Network
  • Tracking Your Productivity
  • Creating a Clear Purpose
  • How to Get Valuable Feedback
  • The Resource That Affects All Others
  • Practice DOesn’t Make Perfect

Get It

This is a no brainer. Everyone can benefit from what Womack teaches in this book. Even if you simply learn how to increase your productivity by 15-30 mins a day (which I’m confident you will at a minimum) your ROI from reading Your Best Just Got Better will be many fold.

Jason Womack on Priorities

The book is available on Amazon and at bookstores.


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One thought on “How Consultants Work Smarter: Book Review

  1. I’m currently reading this book. I got a digital countdown timer, which helps with productivity. There’s power in a ticking clock. If you’re at your computer, Jason suggests using That’s free and convenient but I wanted something portable instead.

    The fact one 15 minute block is roughly 1% of the day was an AHA moment. That’s a strong incentive to use time better.

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