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How Do I Attract Their Attention?

By James Yuille
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A really basic introduction to copywriting.

In my previous article, I said that when you identify the problem you solve and who you solve it for, attracting the customer becomes easy.

All you need to do is ask them if they have the problem you solve!

Let’s say you sell denture adhesive. Your target customer is anyone who wears dentures and who has problems keeping them in their mouth. Here’s how your headline might read:

Attention: Denture Wearers!
Do your dentures come loose at the most embarrassing moments?

Your body copy might continue to talk about how eating certain sticky foods can cause dentures to come loose, about the embarrassment that causes and how your adhesive lets them enjoy those foods again.

A painter might use this:
Is your home looking tired? Here’s how to make it look like new again.

A bookkeeper might say:
Are you sick of working all day and doing your books by night?

A sleep clinic might say:
Tired of waking up tired?

These are examples of simple yet effective headlines that anyone can write. The formula is called “Direct appeal to customer”

The formula works because it uses a closed question to draw the reader into the conversation that follows. Sure, not everyone is going to read the advert but who cares? You only want those who say “Yes” to your question.

The rest of the advert has to show them that you understand their problem and have a viable solution. There will be more about that in another article.

My next article explains how to do this by phone; yes, the dreaded cold call and why you need to make a few.

James Yuille is a 35 year plus sales and marketing veteran based in Brisbane Australia. He runs Mediaglue, a marketing services company. His book, “Are You Getting Enough?” is available at

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