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How To Become a Consultant – Part 3: Your Advantage

What makes your consulting services unique? You’ve decided you’ve got what it takes to become a successful consultant, and you have the necessary skills to give yourself some credibility to get into the consulting game. Sounds like a good start, right? Well not exactly.

In order to make any money in this game you’ve got to first get found and then asked to engage in work.

Marketing Avenues
Getting found is actually the easy part. There’s plenty of marketing avenues you can take to get your message in front of thousands if not millions of people.

But you need to provide something unique that stands out from the crowd if you want anyone to give you the time of day. This all comes down to your positioning and USP (unique selling proposition).

Get Inside The Mind
The easiest way to think about this is to put yourself in the position of your prospective clients. Think about what they really want. And also look for cracks in the market – what I mean by this is to look at all your competitors and find an area that all are performing poorly in or maybe that isn’t being communicated well enough but is important to your clients.

A classic example is to think of a construction crew. Most are notorious for cost overruns and delays. Not to mention shabby work that needs re-dos and touch-ups for months after the project is supposed to be complete. Customers hate how late and unreliable these workers are. They want someone they can depend on….that’s an opening.

Promoting The Right Things
If you’re in this market you’d be wise to take this opening and promote how your workers are always on time, are reliable and get the job done right. Think this will only work for this market? Well, think again. Dominos pizza took this exact approach by guaranteeing delivery would be on time and the pizzas would arrive steamy hot – it worked.

The goal is to figure out what you bring to the market that is unique. How can you set yourself apart? Can you focus on an area that others don’t? Maybe you can provide a guarantee that your competitors wouldn’t have the stomach for. While doing this can be scary at first, these are the kinds of things that make you stand out – and that’s what you need to make happen.

This is an overview and we’ll get into more specifics in future posts. For now, think about what your advantage is and what you’re ready to offer as you become a consultant.


Develop a predictable
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