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How to Become a Consultant – Part 6: Client Relations

By Michael Zipursky
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Now that your marketing has paid off your busy working with your new clients.
At this point many consultants fall into a trap – they don’t take good care of their clients.

  • They say they’ll call on a certain day or time – and they don’t.
  • They schedule a meeting – and they show up late.
  • They promise to send materials over – they never do.
  • And most frustrating for clients…
  • They don’t show any on going progress.

Your clients are your business. Without them you’re screwed. So treat them like gold.

A basic level of professional communication will set you levels above your competition.

Do what you say your going to do – follow through.

Give your clients gifts or do something to show that you appreciate their business from time to time.

Sure all this takes extra effort, but I’ll tell you it’s worth it. Most of my clients are clients not for weeks or months, but years. There is a reason for that. And it’s all about delivering as promised and treating your clients like you care for them and appreciate them.

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