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How to Become a Wedding Consultant

If you are creative, organized, and love weddings, you might just be able to turn that into a lucrative business and earn a decent income off of wedding consulting jobs.

You may be wondering how, or even why, you can become a wedding planner, so here are a few thoughts to consider.

Why Do People Need Wedding Consultants?
Weddings have become much more elaborate, complex affairs, which require the co-ordination of a host of elements, from venues to guest lists, catering to transport, and a multitude of other logistical elements, large and small.

Of course, we have also become a society where time is of the essence, where everyone is busy busy busy all of the time. Not ideal when trying to pull together a perfect wedding! A wedding consultant essentially takes over the planning of that perfect wedding from the couple, following their brief, but handling all of the details.

What Do You Need to Become a Wedding Planner?
The great news is that while you could consider becoming certified, there are no official qualifications required to launch a wedding consulting business. A few skills may come in handy though, including:

  • People skills. You will be dealing with many different people, in many different situations, from a distraught bride to a difficult designer. People skills will be essential to make sure your event goes off without a hitch.
  • Planning abilities. A modern wedding often requires the planning and execution similar to a military campaign. Getting all of the elements to come together on the day is a mammoth task, and if you are not organized, it probably will not happen!
  • Creative flair. Your wedding consulting clients will give you a brief, and it may be fairly detailed, however, there will still be instances where you will be required to come up with your own unique, creative ideas. Make sure you have a flair for the creative, and can come up with great ideas!
  • Problem solving skills. No matter how great you are at planning, and how well organized you are, there will still be hiccups along the way, maybe even on the day. Being able to think on your feet, solve problems quickly and creatively, and smile while doing it, will stand you in very good stead!

Can You Earn a Living as a Wedding Consultant?
As far as this question is concerned, the answer is a resounding yes! While you may find that when you get started, your earnings are lower (you may even offer to plan a friends wedding for free, just to get some experience), as you become more well known, you will certainly get bigger commissions, and make a very comfortable living!

Consider that the wedding industry has multi million dollar annual revenues. Weddings are becoming more elaborate, and more expensive, and you, as the wedding planner, will be paid proportionately.

If you love the romance of weddings, and can pull together the attributes mentioned in this article, and deliver seamless, perfect results, you could be well on your way to becoming a top earning wedding consultant before you know it!


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