Knock Out the Goliaths of the Business World – How to Compete Against a Dominant Brand

Just when you think the start-up struggles are over and your small consulting business is finally on its feet, there are plenty of big power companies to put you back on your toes. Fortunately, there are ways to market your brand against the big Goliaths of the business world and have a real shot at knocking them down with less than you might expect.

The biggest thing to remember about branding for a small business is the idea that the world of branding and advertising is changing, and these new changes give small businesses a chance at succeeding despite larger competition—a very good chance. Below lists five top priorities small businesses should take into consideration when trying to compete with larger, more dominant brands:

5 Steps to Marketing Big

1. Use your Advantages
As a small business, response time is on your side. If a customer ever has a problem or a comment about your company, you will likely be available to answer immediately—something larger companies have a harder time making a priority. Being able to respond to social media comments and inquiries will also work to your advantage. In the end, the engagement you will be able to offer the visitors of your social media sites will go a longer way than a high-budget, fancy webpage that gets ignored.

2. Do Not Try To Compete When It Comes to Price
A larger company has more flexibility when it comes to price; however remember that for many, price is not everything. More people respond to good, quality products and good, quality customer service. These are things that a small company can offer easier than a large one. In short, don’t bother trying to keep your costs down if you truly cannot afford it, you will be fine if you put your focus into other areas.

3. Know Your Target Audience
Larger companies often target many different groups of people because they have the resources to do so, but this can cause very general advertising. This is not something that a small company should attempt. If you know your target audience you can better use your resources seeking out the people who would really love your company and then giving them the best experience with your company.

4. Focus on Flexibility
A large company often has to deal with a long chain of commands that when a change needs to be made, but your small company can make the change much quicker. If you see that something needs to be done, fix it, and have confidence knowing that this is something a customer would not get had they chosen to work with a large company.

5. Don’t Just Use Your Advantages, Market Them
Let people know that there are huge advantages to doing business with a small company as opposed to a larger one. Highlight these unique selling points and get the idea into the heads of your target audience that quality is what matters.

The most important thing to remember when managing a small business is confidence—do not sell yourself short. Small businesses have great potential to succeed even against some of the biggest and most established brands out there because they have a different experience to offer a customer. If you can follow the simple rules mentioned above, you should be throwing that stone square into your competitors nose in no time.

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