How to Make More and Work Less with Business Systems: Book Review

I’ve just finished and put down my copy of “Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less” by Sam Carpenter, and it’s got me thinking…

I’ve been involved in building and running 6 companies to this point in my life and I’ve learned a lot about what contributes to the success of a company, as well as the factors that can lead to its demise.

I’ve also had the pleasure of working with many more companies around the world in over 23 industries.

Evaluating the Mechanics of Business

When I evaluate a business, a few of the things I quickly try to establish are: What’s working and what isn’t? Why is this business seeing success in one area, yet not in another? Or said another way, why is this business failing when others around it are succeeding?

The majority of business owners are looking for answers to their problems in the wrong places…

It’s In the System

The answer in many cases is that the business suffers from having a lack of a system in place.

And that is the topic of Carpenters book, Work the System.

In it Carpenter talks about how he almost had to close his answering service business because he was low on money, yet still spent 80-100 hours a week working.

He came to realize that the major reason for his troubles was the lack of a well-defined set of objectives and systems for him and his staff to follow.

Fast Forward to Today

According to Carpenter, today his business is flourishing and he only needs to work 2 hours a week.

3 Keys to System Design

In Work the System you’ll learn the 3 key components of creating a system:

  1. Strategic Objective
  2. Operating Principles
  3. Working Procedures

Carpenter weaves stories of his own company throughout the book as he guides you towards creating an effective system for your own business.

Video: Sam Carpenter Interview

You can find more information on Sam Carpenter and his book at Work the System, and on Amazon


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  1. Thanks for sharing Mike. I look forward to reading the book.

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