How to Make More Consulting Sales: Lesson from a $3.4B Company


I recently spoke with a family member that works at a $3.4B company. That’s not market cap. $3.4 Billion in annual sales.

Can you guess what our conversation was about?

Consultants too often focus on perfection. They want all the stars to line up before taking action.

They told me all about how poor the systems and processes the company had in place were.

How their IT was slow and their department was filled with unskilled people lacking motivation.

There’s no denying that these are all problems, right?

Clearly this company can improve.

It Gets Interesting

BUT, here’s the most interesting part…the idea and lesson I’m excited to share with you today…

This company is still doing $3.4B in sales per year!

Even though it has plenty of room to improve it is still a very successful company.

Even though it isn’t perfect, it’s still employing and supporting thousands of people around the world.

Consultants too often focus on perfection.

They want all the stars to line up before taking action.

They find any reason they can NOT to pick up the phone or attend an event and get in front of ideal clients.

Reaching Consulting Success

This $3.4B company didn’t reach success by simply working on systems, processes, websites, marketing materials – NOPE!

It grew by making sales!

How much of your time are you spending getting in front of your ideal clients each week?

Focus on sales my friend. It’s the fastest way to grow your business and income.

I know it’s easier and more comfortable to stay busy ‘creating’ materials and preparing for projects to arrive…

…BUT if you don’t take action now – those projects won’t arrive.

The longer you wait to take action – and get in front of your ideal clients – the longer you’re delaying your success.

Focus on sales my friend. It’s the fastest way to grow your business and income.

If you want help and to learn exactly how to get more sales and win more projects feel free to get in touch here to chat about it.

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  • Leah Waddill

    Excellent Advice. After having stalled growth within our marketing and consulting firm for several years, we have recently (finally!) decided to dedicate 2 days a week exclusively to building and growing our business. That includes marketing efforts for ourselves, as well as in-person meetings with both primarily prospect clients as well as current clients. Since we started dedicating this time each week, our schedule has been booked out 2 weeks with prospect meetings on those 2 days (literally from the day we decided to start doing this).

    While being booked out 2 days/week for 2 weeks doesn’t sound like much at first thought, it actually means that we have 3-4 new prospects in the pipeline at any given time that. At a minimum, each of these prospects have already had either 1 or 2 phone conferences with us, or a phone consult and a proposal before scheduling an in-person meeting. And yes, these have been nearly all ideal clients for us. It’s quite exciting to see, and it really gives us a gauge to see how many leads we have. Prior, we might have no meetings for a month, then 5 meetings in a weeks… which didn’t work well for us and made followup less standardized.

    • Wow… just wanted to send an internet High-Five to Leah for that detailed comment. Very exciting stuff! It sounds like you have a good sales process now. Best wishes in 2015. 🙂

    • Way to go Leah!

  • tlmaurer

    Super article, Mike. Too many of us get caught up in the marketing side of things, especially social media which can be a huge time suck. Sales still come from face-to-face relationships, so we need to put ourselves out there if we expect sales to increase. Leah’s brief activity thus far shows that this is what works. Sitting back waiting for the phone to ring has never been a winning strategy.