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How to Reach Buyers When They Are Ready to Buy

By Michael Zipursky

The average price of a home in my city is well over $1M. What’s amazing is that even at that price houses put on the market sell in days.

We recently listed ours and within two days it sold – above asking price.

I’m not going to drown you in the deep bubble of what real estate has become in this city.

No. This story is about marketing…

A week or so after the sale I got a letter in the mail.

The envelope didn’t have my name on it. Nor did it have a return address.

The only thing listed was my home address.

Curious I opened the letter and this is what I found:


Timely isn’t it?

This is a smart marketer at work.

This is the essence of marketing.

It doesn’t matter that I won’t use their services – because I already made other arrangements.

What I love about this example is that a percentage of people definitely will call up this moving company and end up hiring them.

This marketer has done one thing very right – and that is to put their message in front of my eyes at the right time…

The right time is when the buyer is actively thinking about solving a problem or taking action on an opportunity.

Speaking of opportunities, how can you do something similar to this?

Several months back when I setup a new holding company I got a letter in the mail from an accountant.

I’d never heard his name before. I already have an accountant so I didn’t hire him.

But his offer and timing were compelling. Again a percentage of people will hire him because of his timely mailing.

Both these marketers have found ways (a public database) that allows them to pinpoint potential buyers at a time they are likely to BUY.

How can you achieve the same result in your industry?

If you’d like some help with your marketing so you can start landing more clients and generate more qualified leads on a consistent basis get in touch here.

Thoughts? Questions? Let me know what you think in the comments below?

4 thoughts on “How to Reach Buyers When They Are Ready to Buy

  1. Excellent post Michael. And very timely. I’m currently working with a friend on mapping out the customer journey. This article sparked a key question that I want to answer when interviewing current and prospective clients: What happens in their journey right before they make the decision to pursue their business vision? What happens right before their decision to work with me? Just like the examples in your article answer the question: “What critical thing happens right before the decision to hire movers?”

    This article is definitely a dot connector.

    • Great article, Michael. Being one of the first to connect with a prospect at the RIGHT time can really give you an advantage. Thanks for the examples!

      Thomas Anderson…great to see you here, buddy. It’s been a long time and I hope you’re doing well.

      Cheers to all,

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