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How to Turn IDEAS Into RESULTS Fast

By Michael Zipursky

Damien Wilpitz is like many of the consultants I work with.

He’s smart, great at what he does, dedicated, and committed to getting results.

And yet he faced a common challenge – how to attract more clients for his business.

Within a short 8 week period Damien went from having a lot of IDEAS on how to market his business to clarity and RESULTS.

He landed 3 new client projects worth over $30,000. The best part? He’s just getting started. In his words “I anticipate making so much more throughout the year.”

Damien took action and now is on track to significantly grow his business. All good, right? Well, he did have one regret…

When Damien posted a recommendation on my LinkedIn profile ONE sentence really caught my attention.

He said “…stop wasting time, like I did. I could’ve made more money a lot earlier in my venture. So don’t make my mistake.”

His mistake? As you’ll see in Damien’s writing below, getting coaching and help to grow his business was instrumental.

Like Damien I have my own coaches that help me stay at the top of my game.

If you’re looking to attract more clients and learn a proven system and process to do it consistently get in touch here: Marketing for Consultants Program

Here’s what Damien said:

“If you’re a consultant and starting your own practice, struggling to get more clients and increase your revenue, or just finding the mental courage or know how, then I highly recommend you connect with Michael at Consulting Success®.

I’ve been following Michael’s amazing Consulting Success® program for a couple years now. I first started applying his free content and instantly saw results.

I then immediately purchased the Consulting Success System which had propelled me into being considered a viable and reputable consultant in my field. It was such a boost to my confidence which translated into great leads and contracts.

I saw so much success, I decided to level up again by investing in the 8 week coaching program. I was able to land $30K in client contracts which easily was more than my investment. I anticipate making so much more throughout the year with the tools that I invested in.

It’s a no brainer…if you’ve seen and experienced results after applying any of the Consulting Success® practices from his articles or products, then hire Michael as a coach and stop wasting time, like I did. I could’ve made more money a lot earlier in my venture. So don’t make my mistake.

If you’d like to have a dialog about my experience, please feel free to reach out to me. I’d be more than happy to share.”
– Damien Wilpitz, Laboratory Research Consultant
Experimental Designs Consulting, Inc.

Information about coaching to improve your marketing and attracting more clients available here.

2 thoughts on “How to Turn IDEAS Into RESULTS Fast

  1. Thanks again, Michael. I’ve managed to improve how I communicate my value . Now I have resonance and can clearly articulate the returned value to my target clients.

    • So proud of you Damien and much respect for your dedication to creating such an amazing business. Excited for you!

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