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How to Write Effective Mails for Email Marketing

By Guest Author
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Email is one of the most powerful marketing tools ever! But it can be real tricky and may cause excessive damage if used carelessly. So here are some tips and tricks that will help make your marketing campaign a success.

Emails should be clear and give the readers a clear call to action. No mater how brilliantly designed or well written an email is, if the reader doesn’t know where to sign up or how to order, the email has lost its objective.

As a sender, you must let the reader know where to click, where to order and give them clearly placed links to follow!

Filter Friendly
In the Email business you can never be too sure of the delivery.

Many people, who are fed up of spam, have now resorted to very strict email filtering. These filters block out everything from logos and flash animations to even some text. It’s the filters that determine what your readers are getting to look at. So, if you aren’t careful with the picture placement and content of your creation, your message will get across.

It’s better to use flat text with hyperlinks to your site. Put the graphics on your website and lead the reader there, using strong words and a strategically placed call to action.

Interesting Studies
Email needs to have something different than conventional marketing design. Studies have shown that clients are most expected to react to images and copy on the left of an image. Similarly, readers are in a better mood and respond positively on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Faithfully Yours
Signing your name at the bottom is one of the easiest ways of scoring with your readers. This enhances personalization and gives authenticity to your claims. In the signature, include your company’s name and personal details.

Also, manage to get your clients names along with their emails during sign up. Your clients will appreciate it. After all, who doesn’t like to be addressed by name?

The Right Message
If you get spam in your inboxes then you know what sort of words to avoid. Discount, $$$, FREE FREE FREE! Avoid these words like the plague! Using them will only take your emails to the spam folders.

Save and Free are two word that have been overused. Find different, more creative ways of delivering your message. Don’t use these or similar words in the content or the subject line.

Provide Value
Even if your readers don’t end up buying, keep them interested. They just might make a purchase the next time.

If you want to grow your subscriber list, offering freebies might be a good idea. These could be EBooks or discount coupons offered when they sign up to receive your mails. Set up an auto responder for this purpose. Let them know that their desired freebie will be delivered straight to the inbox. This ensures that the correct email address is provided.

Make it easy for your user to unsubscribe from the email service. Otherwise you might risk the impression of sending spam mails. Have it mentioned clearly in all your emails.

Once a user chooses to unsubscribe, proceed to sign off immediately. Also, make sure that the information is updated with your email marketing provider immediately so the unsubscriptions go into effect right away.

Guest Author Bio:
Nitin Aggarwal is the owner of the company Offshore Ally which offers dedicated virtual assistant and link building services. He has a passion for blogging and love for everything technology. Connect with him via Twitter.

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