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Improve Business by Speaking Out

Consultants communicate for a living. Your ability to engage clients and articulate your solutions will bear directly upon your success. Consultants who can take those abilities to the stage and embrace an audience will always be busy.  Public speaking opportunities should be part of your strategic marketing plan for generating clients and leads.

Successful consultants listen well. They express themselves well. Therefore, they possess two skills necessary to succeed as a speaker. But, there is no doubt that certain individuals know how to connect with audiences while others lose their listeners.

You have seen those seemingly gifted speakers who show no nervousness, make great eye contact, deliver compelling dialogue and inject a touch of humor to bond with the audience. Those speakers get clients, are regarded as experts and become industry buzz.

Delivery Seal The Deal
Strong content is essential, but a smooth, flowing delivery seals the deal and brings the audience to you. Delivery should be rehearsed. Again, public speaking is your opportunity to make a dynamic first impression. Your speech does not have to be memorized, but it should be video-taped, critiqued and re-worked until there are no flaws in the delivery or the content.

Many consultants take speech training and speech courses. This is one investment that will yield a high return. Consultants who are good public speakers are never looking for work.

Voice control, body language, eye contact and your smile speak loudly about who you are, how confident you are and how quickly your audience will warm to you. Doubtless, you have been at a public appearance when the speaker lost the audience before the speech began. Rehearsal time and speech classes will teach you how to engage and hold that audience.

Be The Center of Attention
Making the speech and showing for the performance is not enough. Every member of the audience is a potential lead or client. You have spent time developing thought-provoking content and rehearsing every detail. Now you must appear to enjoy the moment.

Successful speakers are visible after the speech. The consultant who is available to discuss the content, answer questions or just plain socialize is the consultant who will be remembered. These are the consultants who get asked to speak again and who get called for interviews.

Remember that your speech never sells your consultancy. Your speech should create interest in your vision and establish you as a forward thinking expert. Allowing those abilities to shine through will convert every member of that audience to your corner; right where you want them.


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