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Special Pricing Strategies Training: How to Increase Your Consulting Fees


On January 29th I’m holding a special training on Pricing Strategies and How to Increase Your Consulting Fees.

What would 200% or 300% more income allow you to do? For your family, employees, loved ones and for yourself?

If you’d like to learn the latest strategies to maximize the value of every project you take on you’ll find this training a must attend. Register here

During the training I’ll cover:

  • The secret to earning a greater income each and every month without overwhelm or having to work more hours
  • How to come up with the right pricing that your client will accept without discounts or bargaining
  • How to confidently increase your consulting fees both with new and existing clients
  • The proven formula to fees based on the value you deliver
  • The pricing methods the most successful consultants use and how you can leverage them as well
  • How to use positioning to provide your clients with the best perception of you so you can charge more
  • How to setup and offer retainer arrangements with your clients for maximum results and income
  • The 3 stage pricing model that will allow you to earn 40%-50% more with every project – the results are backed by science
  • If you’d like to offer your clients coaching, you’ll learn how to price your coaching services effectively
  • Plus much more!

During the Pricing Strategies training you’ll also have an opportunity to ask your questions and have me answer them. Bring your toughest pricing and fee questions and I’ll give you answers and recommendations.

The fact is, the fastest way to grow your income and business is by increasing your fees and creating better offers. You’ll learn exactly how to do that during this training.

What I’ll be sharing during this training is what I teach my private coaching clients. They pay $6000-$20000 typically.

If you sign up this week you can join the Pricing Strategies training for only $425

Many of the consultants I’ve taught these strategies to have been able to double, even triple their fees and revenues.

What would 200% or 300% more income allow you to do? For your family, employees, loved ones and for yourself?

Register for the Pricing Strategies Online Training

PS. If you can’t make the live training I’ll send you a recording of the call and you’ll still have an opportunity to have your specific pricing question answered by me.


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