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The (Un)Secret to Increased Productivity and Getting More Done

The title got your attention but you may be skeptical of my use of the word ‘secret’.

If so, I completely understand. It seems like every blog post out there is sharing a ‘secret’.

Makes you wonder do secrets really exist anymore? : )

I’m using the word (un)secret because today I want to share with you how to significantly boost your productivity and get more done…with a method that may or may not surprise you.

The Power Method

Regardless of what you think about this method it works.

In fact, it’s used by some of the most productive and successful minds of our time.

Talk to any uber-productive man or woman and you’ll find they understand and grasp this method. They use it in one form or another.

But just because it’s used by successful people doesn’t mean that everyone is benefiting from it.

Far from it.

Seen It With My Own Eyes

I’ve personally coached and worked with hundreds of consultants and I regularly see this method not being used to its full potential.

“Get to it already Michael” you say. Okay my friend here it is…

Stop worrying about everything being perfect.

That’s it. Do me a favor and read it again.

That’s right. Shift your mindset. Instead of always waiting and delaying until you feel something is just right, push yourself to put it in action and get it out the door so the world can see it as soon as it’s good enough.

It might be the website you’ve wanted to launch for some time.

Your messaging or value proposition.

Your new higher fees for your product or services.

It might be delaying taking a vacation or spending more time with your family and loved ones.

Or maybe even starting that business you’ve always wanted to.

Now Is The Time

Whatever it is. Don’t wait for the stars to align and for everything to be perfect.

Take Imperfect Action.

Don’t worry about what others might think.

Don’t let making a mistake or learning that your first attempt wasn’t the optimal one hold you back.

Because when you get stuff out the door, when you put it into action and in front of your ideal consulting clients (or whatever the example for you may be) you create a result.

A point of learning.

An experience.

It may be something you can improve on. Or maybe you’ve got it just right the first time.

But if you don’t get it ‘out there’ you’ll never know.

Are You Swinging?

Think about baseball.

If you goal is to hit a home run you’d be foolish to keep practicing your swing and not get up to the plate and bat.

Yet so many people are doing exactly this.

They are trying to get things just right before stepping up to the plate.

Once you know how to swing, get up to the plate and swing away.

You’ll have a much greater chance of hitting a home run. And even if you don’t you might hit a single or double.

Regardless, you can’t hit a home run if you never get to the plate.

Wishing you great success,

Michael Zipursky

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