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Inside the Diagram to Success


One of my coaching clients earned $823,000 last year. He has no employees or contractors working for him.

Another did $1.2M before we started working together and in one year grew the business to over $2.3M.

You’ll notice that people Chasing Success spend the majority of their time talking about their ideas.

Not all of my clients have revenues at that level. Many are doing $8k to $25k a month.

I’m honored to work with such dedicated professionals (here) to help them grow their businesses and achieve greater lifestyle and freedom.

One thing that I’ve noticed about the most successful consultants, regardless of their industry or country, is their approach and the way they take action.

It’s not so much about the marketing tactic they choose, it’s how they think about business and the mindset and habits they have.

I created this graph to represent the big difference between people Chasing Success and those that have Reached Success or well on their way to reach it.


You’ll notice that people Chasing Success spend the majority of their time talking about their ideas. They also talk about why they’ll be successful. More often than not however, they talk about their disadvantages and focus on why they can’t get from A to B, instead of taking action to fix it.

In addition, they spend a great deal of time thinking. Thinking and planning aren’t bad ways to spend your time. When they hold you back or provide you with little time to take action, they do hold you back from making progress.

On the other side you have people Reaching Success. They spend a good chunk of their time creating plans and gaining clarity on them. They communicate what needs to happen. But as you’ll notice from the diagram, the vast majority of their time is spent on taking action.

This is the key difference between the two groups – taking action.

Look at how you’re spending your day, week and month. Which side of the diagram are you on?


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12 thoughts on “Inside the Diagram to Success

  1. Ben Neikirk says:

    Amen Brother! Things will not get done by themselves. Get it written down and get it done! Make a list of all the actions that you need to accomplish in order to reach your goal. Then take action every day on that list. Even if you’re exhausted, get at least 1 item off that list each day. You’ll be amazed at what you will have accomplished by doing this.

  2. Gerry says:

    Thanks, amazing post

  3. What a convicting article! When I looked at the diagram, it really hit me that I’m on the Chasing Success side and that’s why I’m not reaching it.

    I’ve been a chaser for a long time. When I’ve taken action, I’ve enjoyed the sense of accomplishment, but somehow I get back to chasing the dreams without taking more action. Time for a change!

  4. Robert Baynes says:

    Well stated Michael.

  5. Chinwe says:

    I agree totally with you Mike. It is the one thing at a time things we do that eventually bring success. The question is what cripples action. why do people spend so much time talking and thinking? I think fear of not accomplishing. Fear of rejection. It is easier to simply dream away, that actually putting action behind the dreams. To act appropriately, we must conquer our fears. Chinwe Kalu

  6. I like the graph, Michael. I find myself jumping between the two sometimes. that poses a problem also. Yes, I’m persistent. But, every now and again my consistency fails. I’ve developed a system to help myself with the consistency. Michael, how do you overcome these traps — shifting between the two graphs and/or maintaining your consistency?

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