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How to Gain Insight Into What Ideal Consulting Clients Really Want


I was sitting at the edge of a long dock that extends from the suite I was staying at all the way to the ocean.

(I took the above photo when I walked back up the ramp to my suite…)

It was then I had the idea to launch a new service for consulting firm owners.

I learned many years ago that the worst thing I could do was jump right into the project. Instead I needed to find out whether the idea I had for this new service is what the market really wanted.

If you’re not reaching out to your ideal clients to learn what they really care about, you’re missing a great opportunity.

Did they care, or was simply something I thought was a good idea?

To answer that question I decided I’d send out a survey. I’ll share the results and what happened with you in just a minute.

This story is relevant to you even if you don’t have a list that you can send a survey to right away.

  • You can setup phone calls with past or current buyers.
  • Have phone calls with prospective buyers.
  • Run paid traffic to a survey.

When creating the survey it’s important that the questions you ask are the ones that will prove if your idea is worth pursuing or not.

I asked questions to find out what the biggest challenges this market was having and had them rank them in order of greatest importance.

Then I asked information that would give me a better picture of each response so that I could put their answers into context and segment them. This is important because not everyone’s response will carry the same weight – you have potential buyers and ideal buyers.

And lastly you must ask for their contact information and if it’s okay to follow up with them.

Within 1 hour of sending out the survey I already had 46 responses. Within 24 hours I had just under 100.

Based on the responses I received we will be moving forward and launching this new service for consulting firm owners.

And now, not only do we know that this group of buyers want and need what we’re offering, we also know what is most important to them.

That’s powerful and valuable information we’ll be able to use in our marketing. And we’ll also be able to provide even greater value to clients of the new service.

If you’re not reaching out to your ideal consulting clients to learn what they really care about, you’re missing a great opportunity.

And if you’re a consulting firm owner and want to find out more about this new service, fill in the form here and we’ll be in touch.


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