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Life and Business Lesson from a Boater

Last weekend I headed up the coast on a boaters retreat. A bunch of guys that have boats get together, have some drinks and BBQ.

Working hard is important, but I wish I would have just stopped and taken more time to think about things

We arrived at the destination, about 2.5hrs up ocean from the marina…

The ocean carved a path between two mountain ranges and the sun did it’s best to peak through the clouds that sat hanging at the top of each mountain peak.

Boaters’ Attitude

Boaters are an interesting bunch. They’re friendly. They love to invite you onto their boat and show you around. Of course, they’ll offer you a drink too.

I had a great chat with one boat owner, and he shared a lesson with me that I think you’ll find relevant in your own business and life.

Alex Looks Back

Alex had built a successful consulting company with 10 employees. He started off telling me about his trip to Italy. Then about his trip to Greece. Then to Morocco and the list went on. I said, “Alan, are these work related trips or…” He looked at me, smiled and said, “No, I’m still working, I’m just trying to enjoy more of life and travelling to these places is something I’ve always wanted to do.”

He continued, “You know Michael, looking back there were always so many things going on in my business that I didn’t feel I could ever take a break.” I nodded, knowing where he was coming from.

“Working hard is important, but I wish I would have just stopped and taken more time to think about things. I’m sure I could have fit in more time to enjoy my life without bad consequences. Now I’m trying to play catch up for all that time.”

Alan’s business is now at a point where he only works 3 days a week. The rest of the time he’s on his 38′ boat, exploring and enjoying the waters.

This successful business man’s message was simple….

The Lesson

We all have lots going on in our lives. Yet, it’s critical that we take the time to think about what we really want out of life and start enjoying it.

If you dream about travelling the world but can’t afford the time or money to do it right now, start by taking a one or two week travel somewhere you really want to go. If you can’t manage that, hop in your car, a bus or train and enjoy a few days somewhere you haven’t been before.

There’s hardly a good reason to starve yourself of enjoyment for a future of good times.

Taking breaks and doing what you love provides great business benefits too:

• You’ll be happier.
• You’ll feel refreshed and energized.
• Often the best business ideas come when you’re not ‘doing business’.
• You’ll feel more balanced in your life.

Give it some thought. Are you saving up and waiting to enjoy life, or are you getting a regular dose of good times and enjoying life?


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2 thoughts on “Life and Business Lesson from a Boater

  1. Great article! The best business ALWAYS come to me when I’m nothing thinking about them!

  2. Ervomex says:

    Waiting to enjoy life? Not a good idea. You could run under a bus tomorrow. Take some time out to reflect on what you are doing. That time out will pay for itself many times over. Good luck.

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