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Listing Your Marketing Consulting Firm

Your marketing consulting firm will be approached by many types of business directory listing services. Some of these advertising directory services can be very expensive. In conformity with your marketing plan and budget, you will need to make the right decision as to where to spend your hard earned cash.

Like most advertising decisions, you must tailor your selection to your budget and fit that allowance into your assessment of where your prospects might look for new consulting services.

In the ‘good old days’ when clients let the Yellow Pages do the walking the selection process was easier – you’d drop a bundle and either make YP work for you or not. Fewer and fewer business prospects use the Yellow Pages as a resource for locating consultants.

This does not mean that listing in selected directories is a waste of time or money. Like all aspects of advertising, you will need to do some homework.

Begin by analyzing your prospect’s tendencies. Are they likely to seek assistance through professional directories? Internet directories? Industry specific directories? When you know where they might look for help, you will know where to list.

Listings and Directories to Consider

  • Yellow Pages – Since the breakup of Ma Bell, this decision is not as easy as it used to be. There are many yellow page directories and very few consulting practices can afford to advertise in all of them. You should look at other types of directories first. If your budget is tight and after making other selections, you may very well decide that you are content with your selections and pass on Yellow Page advertising.
  • Expert Listings – There are several reasonably priced internet directory sites that will list consulting firms like Joe Ant. If you look around you’ll also find more specialized sites like HG for those in the legal field.
  • List with Your Affiliations – If your marketing plan called for you to join an affiliation, you have already weighed the benefits of that organization. Membership in professional organizations like the Institute of Management Consultants or the National Speakers Association usually includes a listing as part of the annual dues.
  • List With Media Sources – If your marketing plan calls for a media program, check out directory listings with sites like the Yearbook of Experts or, the Radio-TV Interview Report site.

Whichever directories you select, take the time to get your listing information right. When possible deliver your brand and all contact information. Eliminate possibilities of errors before your information goes to print.

Submission forms are easy to obtain and easy to complete. Make sure you understand the pricing for each directory. Take the time to read the fine print. Your marketing consulting firm’s directory listing will, in the case of print, be ‘live’ for at least a year. Make sure the message you print will be the message that you want from the get go. Your directory listing must be as effective on day 365 as it will be on day one.


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