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Looking at the “Strategic” in Consulting

What’s the difference between a regular and a strategic consultant anyways? Well that’s a great question and I’m glad you asked. Basically strategic consulting is the service of offering specialized advice and sound business strategies for you clients overall short term but especially future development.

Most strategic consultants either work for specific consulting companies or as a freelance consultant. They can specialize in many different kinds of fields from management and marketing to internet business development and technology. These individuals often don’t work directly inside the companies that they are analyzing for one main reason. If they look at their clients business strategy from outside they are able to take a more critical and unbiased view of the exact business situation that is going on in their clients organization.

Overall business management is one area that many strategy consultants are involved in. They go into the company, analyze it, and then give their feedback and recommended action plan. This action plan may include the purchase of more efficient software to help manage work flow, the shifting of man power to select departments, or even a new promotional strategy to help get their clients brand out to the public.

As a strategic consultant you’re going to need to have a wide range of knowledge in your specialized field. Let’s take the Internet for example. If you’re offering strategic internet consulting services then you’ll need to be able to consult on SEO practices, web design, pay per click advertising, email lead generation, web hosting, and much more.

You need to understand your field, not well but thoroughly. Your level of understanding in your chosen field will dictate if you can consider your self “strategic” or not. This means staying on top of daily news and developments around the globe, knowing what the latest and greatest software is, and having a lot of connections in your focused industry that you can rely on and contact for more detailed information.

Strategic consultants receive high pay because they are specialized. They are in demand because the structure and direction of a company is not something that can be messed around with. So if you are serious about getting into consulting and you are very specialized in your chosen field then using the word “strategic” in front of your job title might be a good fit for you.


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