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Make Money in Tough Economic Times

Here’s an interview with two legendary business icons. Richard Branson from Virgin is interviewed by Seth Godin, author of many great books.

This is a very short clip, but listen to what Branson says about the opportunity available to those that take advantage during tough times.

While Branson doesn’t spell out the role or opportunity for consultants here, what he’s pretty much saying is that companies should be pushing their marketing and public relations forward – even during these times. And in fact, while every one is hunkering down and cutting back, companies that lunge forward can capture significant market share – and come out of the down turn in better shape than their competitors.

As a consultant, it’s your job then to educate your prospective or current clients about these opportunities and show them how you can help them.

Hey, you may even show them this video as proof! Branson has been through 4 recessions and I’d say he knows a thing or two about business.


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