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Make Your Firm Stand Out

By Consulting Success
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You look at a Mercedes Emblem and you know what you are looking at and what to expect. The same can be said for the distinctive “B” utilized by the Boston Red Sox, or the Golden Arches of MacDonald’s.

These symbols are more than logos. They are well conceived visual impressions that make a unique statement and create instant recognition. Too many consulting firms develop subtle, almost coded slogans and logos. Your prospective clients will see it all. They will see great visual trademark stamps and too many forgettable trademarks. Your trademark must deliver your marketing message at first sight. It should be so powerful that it commands attention.

A well designed and creatively designed trademark boosts your consulting company above the consultancy masses. You have spent time and energy developing a marketing plan and charting your marketing road map. The perfect visual stamp will connect your product and your value and become instantly recognized by all your prospects.

Your consultancy’s stamp will be entwined in every project, every piece of marketing and throughout your organization. It is so important that you may want to consider retaining outside help in developing your stamp. Remember that this trademark will grow with your company. If designed properly, it will carry your company through your marketing road map and on to local and national recognition.

Make a Statement

When you decided to launch your consulting business, you may have a preconceived logo in mind. Most consultants do. You should probably put that idea behind you. Now that you have a better understanding of your product, your value and your marketing plan, bring all that energy to the trademark development process.

Create a list of the unique benefits your consultancy provides. List those services and then write a brief message containing those services. Keep fine tuning and refining that message.

Many consulting firms then identify their targeted clients and list their attributes. Again, create a concise written description of these attributes. By merging your services and your client’s attributes, a message should evolve. Keep fine tuning your consulting message.

Once the printed message is perfect, try to put that message in visual form. If this is outside your expertise, get some help. Developing an innovative trademark will reap years of rewards. It is probably worth getting outside help to build a lasting, recognizable trademark. Get it right and your consulting firm will be the Mercedes of the industry.

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