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Making the Switch: From Employee to Consultant

You may recognize the name Greg Miliates. He is a regular contributor here at Consulting Success.

Greg has a powerful story about how he went from earning about $40,000/yr as a full-time employee to over $144,000 a year as an independent consultant.

There’s a lot to learn from Greg’s story…

  • How to make the switch from employee to consultant
  • The biggest obstacles you’ll face
  • Dealing with the mental block
  • How to market yourself and build business quickly
  • And much more.

I wanted to share Greg’s story with you, so I interviewed him….

Listen to the interview here:


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pipeline of clients.

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16 thoughts on “Making the Switch: From Employee to Consultant

  1. Scarlettown Communications says:

    A lot of informative topics discussed in the interview with Greg. If you’re looking for confirmation on your marketing tactics as a consultant, or interested in hearing about some that are effective that you may not already be using, give this interview a listen!

  2. Ron Tiki says:

    This is such a great interview. I really enjoyed this. Thank you guys!

  3. Emerald Taylor says:

    I just listened to the interview. I really loved it. You have cleared up a lot of confusion for me. I started my journey just a year ago but I have had the passion for years. But due to plenty of my own set backs I put it on the back burner. Not anymore, I really appreciate you sharing and the key points that you mentioned that helped you get to the place you are today.. Thank you !

    • Emerald – thanks for the continued comments and support. Happy to hear you enjoyed it!

  4. Thomas, Adriana says:

    Dear Michael, I have been in the dental field for 37 yrs and so I dicide to do consultanting for small dental offices. Well my problems that I have too much knowledge and don’t know how to put it in order were can I learn to do this and also. I been mailing my brochure to dentist but no business help what its that I am doing wrong any input, really appreciated.

    • Adriana – congratulations on taking the leap. Your situation is quite common – how to best transition the experience you have into a viable consulting business. There’s no short answer and I don’t want to lead you astray…you’re welcome to check out our Consulting Success System ( which you may find helpful. Or feel free to setup a consultation to review your situation in more detail (you can do this from the contact page). Unfortunately I can’t elaborate more here without knowing more details about your situation, goals, etc.

  5. Rstuart Hornsby says:

    hi. i’m new to your site. looks like good stuff. thanks. do you offer downloads of interviews like this one that I can listen to offline?

  6. Anthony and Rstuart – we are making the download available first to people that signup for the Business Consulting Buzz newsletter. If you’re already on the list you will get access to the download. If you’re not, you can get the newsletter by signing up at the top right of this page.

  7. Thanks for the interview Michael. It’s always inspirational to listen to others who have walked the path that I am currently on. It’s almost eerie how similar Greg’s experiences have been to mine when he was starting out.

  8. The interview was so insightful. Michael was at least making 40K before striking out on his own. I am at about at $8K less at my full-time, and I am sadly, afraid to go for freelancing/consulting all the way, where I know I can double my income if I could devote full-time to do it. I appreciate Michael’s approach to consulting, he grinded it out while working full-time. Thats my strategy as well!

  9. Omololumao says:

    Thanks for this beautiful piece of inspiring interview. At the moment i am still an employee but working toward starting my own consulting business.

  10. John Hendrick says:

    Thanks for a great, truly authentic interview…a must listen to anyone thinking of going out on your own! Thanks so very much!

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