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Making Your Marketing Accountable – Marketing Mondays

Sometimes your marketing and sales efforts, while good intentioned, fall short not because lack of good ideas, but because of lack of implementation.

The self-employed professional is a master at procrastination when they want to be.

Every reason of why something should be done now is countered with a well-devised excuse.

You know what I’m getting at, right?

Just by putting your goals and plans out there you become more accountable and are more motivated to complete them.

You know you’re supposed to pick up the phone and call 5 potential consulting clients, but you really hate doing it, so you find a good reason to delay it.

Your business is at the point where you know it would benefit from having a mentor – someone that’s been there and done that and can share it all with you – but it’s not cheap and you decide it’s better to wait “just a bit longer.”

Excuses yes!

Would you call them an excuse? No way…they are real reasons. All part of your strategy. Right? Wrong!

So what can you do the next time you’re battling the procrastination blues?

One effective strategy is to become accountable.

You can ask a friend, colleague, mentor, even a family member or your blog audience to be your accountability department.

For example, once a week or once a day you tell this person what you have accomplished. And then you tell them what’s the next thing you will accomplish.

Just by putting your goals and plans out there you become more accountable and are more motivated to complete them.

It sure doesn’t feel good telling your friend that you should have called 5 clients today but you didn’t. That just sucks.

Who can you be accountable to?

And if you don’t believe this works, just look at the weight loss industry. That’s what Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig meetings are for. The famous “weigh in” where you check the scale once a week.

Want to get ahead? Get accountable.



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2 thoughts on “Making Your Marketing Accountable – Marketing Mondays

  1. I take part in a weekly Monday morning Google Hangout with a few other small business owners that we call the Accountabilibuddy hangout. In it, we ask 3 questions (based on the scrum in software Agile Development):

    1. What did you accomplish last week?
    2. What will you accomplish next week?
    3. What obstacles will prevent you from accomplishing your goals this week?

    It’s a good practice for us to make some public commitments to each other and then to see how we did. Sometimes, just the act of stating a goal will make us more committed to it:

    • Jason, very well said and that’s great that you’re putting this practice to work. Good for you!

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