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Marketing and Publicity

Consultants who have tailored their marketing plan and charted their marketing road maps to include a constructive publicity campaign will succeed if they are diligent in their follow through and consistent in their approach. Many times marketing consultants do not fully understand the interaction between the media and media sources or experts. The simple fact is that media personnel are concerned with news. Rarely is the marketing professional the news, although their expertise or consulting insight may be of public interest.

Too many marketing consultants consider their presence the story. In fact, the media uses consultants to verify information or explain circumstances or clarify positions. Savvy small business consultants relish these roles. Proper media exposure and well articulated interviews or well planned out article marketing campaigns give the consultant instant credibility. Often the recognition gained from that moment in the spotlight lasts a very long time and can yield marketing leads down the marketing road.

Understanding the media’s focus is essential to building a successful public relations campaign. Marketing consultants must develop short and long-term publicity goals. You must also make yourself “newsworthy.” Be a good interview. Get to the point. Manage your media contacts. Be in front of your media contacts, not behind the scenes waiting for action. Any marketing form, especially publicity, will fail if you are waiting for the phone to, ring or for a lead to come your way. Individuals successful in the field of marketing consulting make things happen.

Do Your Publicity Homework

Your publicity road map is a parallel offshoot of your marketing road map. In setting out your publicity road map, the marketing consultant should identify appropriate media representatives who cover your area of expertise. Use online media resources to locate these contacts and then do your homework.

Just as you would prepare for a meeting with a new client, prep yourself for media meetings. Develop an A list of media contacts and brush up on their previous interviews, articles and positions. Apply the same procedure to a secondary list. Include these representatives on all press releases and make it a point to meet these individuals on either a social or professional level. Consultants into marketing know that media reps like to know their material has been studied so make that reference early on in your introduction.

Keep that initial meeting brief but leave your mark on the rep. Pave the way for moiré contact and make sure the reporter has a direct link to you. When the media call, be sure to respond. As previously mentioned, you have only one opportunity to make a first impression. Good marketing consultants make sure that their one chance to make a first impression is spent wisely and opens the door to a future publicity road map.


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