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Wearing Your Marketing Consultants Hat

Once the work comes in, it is invigorating to put your marketing consultant skills to work. Consulting firms produce results, install innovative solutions and build a reputation for success. It is easy to get caught up in-the-moment, but it is a narrow and short-sighted view.

Every day, the successful consultant sets aside time to continue the marketing plan. You have spent weeks developing this plan and it is a constant reminder of who you are and what your product is. It is your future. So, be sure to market every day.

Providing consulting services will involve long days and nights. You need to deliver the same, disciplined commitment to your marketing plan. On your busiest days, the consultant must set aside at least an hour per day for direct marketing contact. This contact will supplement your 24/7 marketing plan.

Your web log, web site and other marketing tools are working round the clock. You cannot afford to put aside your direct marketing campaign. Stay ahead of the game with a daily direct marketing campaign. Even in the midst of demanding ongoing projects, keep opening doors. If you avoid this discipline, you are in essence slamming doors. Your consulting business’s marketing plan calls for you to open doors and then walk through them. That is where the profits are.


Develop a predictable
pipeline of clients.

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