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Marketing Consulting Firms Via the Internet

These days, marketing consulting firms through the internet is a must. This presence can be a web site, a blog or an interactive combination of both. While your web presence is essential, it can also be very cost-effective. Regardless of your budget, there are certain principles that should guide you as you create this marketing weapon.

Establish Credibility – Prospects want to know who you are, where you are and what consulting fees and services you provide. Additionally, make sure to list your professional affiliations and industry accreditations.

  • Promote Feedback – Each piece of feedback represents an interested party. Even contrary feedback opens the doors of communication. Be innovative about encouraging responses. Sites that interact with clients get returning prospects.
  • Quick Navigation – Prospects like sites that are easy to navigate and pages that load quickly. Clients do not lie to wait. Make sure all pages on your site respond immediately.
  • Deliver The Goods – Remember that your consulting site is client-based. Too many sites are provider-based. Post compelling material that shows your skills and awareness. That material will drive the clients to your contact pages, your biography pages and your product pages.
  • Links Work – Use relevant links to connect clients with industry trends. Make sure prospective clients can link to these information sites and can return to your site with ease.
  • Stay Current – Consultants cannot afford to have outdated material. Keep your posts up-to-date and on topic. Update information at least twice a week. Post company accomplishments as they occur.
  • Be Content Rich – Sites that connect the client to the consultant’s materials, like surveys, performance charts and white papers are very effective at retaining client contact. You want prospects and current clients to keep visiting the site. Your consulting practice’s site wants to be known a resource, not as an advertising gimmick.
  • Return the Contact – Always be polite and professional. Try not to keep clients waiting. When e-mails queries come in, respond immediately. Every query is a lead. Show these prospect that you mean business and that you have time for them.
  • Assure Access – Most prospect want to remain discreet. Your consultancy should be transparent. Protect the prospect’s privacy and do not make them uncomfortable by requesting too much contact information. If you have built a good site, they will contact your company.

An effective way to gauge your site is to pre-release it to certain clients. Ask them for comments. Everyone loves to be a critic. Listen to their feedback and consider their good ideas. Continually evaluate your web consulting presence and make changes as needed. A periodic overhaul will create more enthusiasm.


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