Marketing Consulting Services When You’re Too Busy with Client Work

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I received a question from a consultant recently asking me how they can create more time in their business to market their services, when they’re already so busy with current client work and projects. This is a question that I’ve received many times over the years from consultants, and I know it affects a lot of people.

The first thing to realize here – and this is really important – is that more clients don’t automatically mean more revenue.

I thought I’d take a few minutes here and share with you how you can solve this problem and actually benefit from a greater result.

More Clients ? More Revenue

The first thing to realize here – and this is really important – is that more clients don’t automatically mean more revenue.

With that in mind, there are three key points I want to share with you on how to solve this situation.

Focus on Value

There are two types of consulting businesses, if we generalize in models. The first is a volume-based consulting practice where you work with more clients at lower fee levels. The typical environment and result that that creates is one where you’re time-strapped because you’re so busy dealing with administration and complexities, interactions, and relationships with so many different clients that there is very little for you to do other things. It also requires a lot more infrastructure, and typically expenses.

The second model is a value-based consulting practice where you work with fewer clients at higher fee levels. This model tends to require significantly less infrastructure and resources but also it gives you a lot more time since you’re working with fewer clients and everything that comes with that. You’re also earning more because you’re charging at a higher fee level.

The key to making this work is to focus on attracting higher-value clients.

Attract High-value Clients

If you’re taking on all of the different kinds of work that comes your way – big, small, and everything in between – then you’re going to have problems and situations that are big, small and everything in between to deal with.

If you’re currently filling your schedule with clients at lower fee levels, how can you expect to be able to land higher paying clients? You can’t. Because your schedule and time are being monopolized by lower-paying clients.

Whereas if you make the decision and the conscious choice to only go after high-value clients – who are types of clients who can pay you at higher fee levels, then those are the types of clients you’ll actually start to land.

What type of business is it that you want? Ask yourself that. Do you want a volume-based consulting practice or do you want a value-based one?

Do you want to fill your schedule with lower paying clients and work, or do you want to focus your energies on attracting the right kinds of clients and the higher compensation that comes with that?

It’s a choice that you really need to make.

Decide Now

Make the decision now. Don’t put it off. Don’t just say Michael, these are some nice ideas, that I should think about and then not actually take action.

What type of business is it that you want? Ask yourself that. Do you want a volume-based consulting practice or do you want a value-based one?

Do you want to have higher valued clients at higher fee levels or do you want to have more clients at lower fee levels?

Wherever you focus your energy and your marketing will be the result you create for yourself. If you go after higher paying clients, you’ll start landing more higher-paying clients. If you take on every type of job and project that comes to you, then that’s what your business will look like.

Back to Reality

So, back to answer the original question from the consultant:

If you presently have too many current clients and projects, aren’t making enough, and lack time to market your services, it’s almost certainly because you’ve taken on lower-value work and lower-paying clients. Your schedule is full with lots of client work but doesn’t give you much time to do much else.

As you shift your business to a value-based model, you’ll start attracting more clients at higher fee levels, which will enable you to hit your income and revenue targets. In almost all cases you won’t need to take on as many projects, and you’ll have more time to market, create intellectual property, write books, spend time with loved ones, to travel…all of the things that you really want to do.

I hope that you give some thought to that – but not just think about it.

Make a decision.

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  • Nina Borovic

    Hi Michael,

    I really like how you pointed out that more clients don’t automatically mean more revenue.

  • Shady

    Hi Micheal, the post is interesting indeed, but I would like to link it to the market situation I have and know your feedback. In such days where the market is down, cutting budgets is everywhere its is not easy to find those clients who are willing to pay high fees even for high added value, they typically say “will postpone to next year due to budget limitations” in this case you find yourself forced to go for the low paid projects in order to maintain the business. In addition landing a client who believes in paying high fee for added value takes time till you build a trust. How do you see this dilemma.

    • Shady – I see it as an opportunity. When you have the right marketing strategy and approach you ATTRACT ideal clients. It sounds like you have an opportunity to improve your marketing strategy and see a BIG reward.

  • Awesome Francis – glad to hear you’ve found them helpful.