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Marketing Mistake or Genius At Work?

Take a look at this sign.

What do you see?

At first glance it looks like any sign an office or retail store might display.

Take a couple minutes right now and think about what you can do to stand out in your marketplace?

This one is for the sales presentation center of a new townhouse development. Nothing surprising about that.

Did you spot it yet? There is something very different about this sign.

At first glance you may not catch it…I sure didn’t.

Found it?

Okay, let me share it with you…

Look at the spacing between the first S and I and then the WI and L and LO W in the second word.

Now you see it right?

It’s got to be a mistake…that’s what I thought. Yet I was wrong.

As I drove around the city I saw other signs and billboards promoting this development…all of them with the same strange spacing.

Could it be a mistake? Or is it intentional?

I asked a couple of friends. Everyone had a theory.

At a dinner party the subject of real estate came up and again this development was discussed. “Did you see the strange spacing in their words?” said one person. “There has to be a meaning…” said another.

What’s going on here?

Smart marketing. That’s what’s happening.

In a sea of new developments around the city this one has taken a subtle yet effective step to differentiate itself.

Through something as simple as the spacing of it’s logo mark this company has created something that people are talking about.

As I’ve written about before, showing your personality in marketing works. Take Lady Gaga, Gene Simmons, Miles Davis, and the list goes on. Each one of these people let a unique personality shine through that defined their brand.

There’s no reason you can’t do the same in your marketing.

Take a couple minutes right now and think about what you can do to stand out in your marketplace?


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One thought on “Marketing Mistake or Genius At Work?

  1. Very interesting and potentially effective. It could be even more effective if there is an answer to the puzzle so people spend more time and more buzz is created.

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