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5 Ways to Get Testimonials for Your Marketing Materials

I was recently reading an article by Jeffrey Gitomer, the master of sales, where he talks about how to get testimonials.

He makes some great points and I’d like to summarize and share them with you today.

Use these strategies to earn consulting testimonials from your consulting clients.

  1. Exceed expectations. If you said you’re going to do something do it. Get it done faster than you said you would and do it better than even the client would have imagined.
  2. Have them wanting to do business with you. You should be friendly and professional throughout. Your client should want to get to know you and do business with you.
  3. Go the extra mile. This isn’t about just exceeding expectations. This is about doing things that your client wouldn’t even expect. Really wowing them with your service, care and the experience you provide them with.
  4. Help and educate them. Always be thinking about your client. Look for additional ways to help them. Send them articles or books that they’d find interesting. Make sure they see your newsletter or case studies.
  5. Make them money. There’s no better way to have your clients talking about you than this. If you can make your clients money they will write you testimonials non-stop and refer you to all their friends (not their competitors however).

The more you do of these five the greater your chances of getting testimonials from your client will be. Actually getting the testimonial is just a matter of asking your client for one. But do these five and you can be confident they’ll be more than happy to provide you with one.

Be wonderful.



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8 thoughts on “5 Ways to Get Testimonials for Your Marketing Materials

  1. Samuel O-Thomas says:

    Very interesting piece as usual (Micheal & Sam).Testimonials are great referral supplements, Our business is three-folds with youth soccer coaching as the focal point and i have had youths in my soccer academy testifying to their friends about the quality of training they are getting from our academy which has now increased the number of students we now have- this is so because we have gone a step or two better than our competitors in the market we operate, i.e. gone that extra mile, to deliver the quality missing with other soccer academies. We are looking to extend this to our other arms of the business. Keep it up guys -thumbs up.

    • Samuel – thanks for the comment and for sharing your story. It sounds like you’re providing a great service. Consider doing some video testimonials with your students. That can work very well.

  2. Kathleen says:

    I took a different approach that was a bit more direct! I market a Part B Medicare newsletter product that serves as a comprehensive information source for practice managers and physicians. I put together a direct mail campaign using the theme of “Mad Libs.” We created a survey with questions in the form of how Medicare Part B helped them with various aspects of running their practice and left out words for them to fill in – they sent them back and we picked the best ones. We got their consent to use them as testmonials and gave them $100 gift card for helping. These then became the core of an acquisition direct mail campaign that resulted in a 2.8% Net Profit Ratio! We’re now using this approach across other newsletter product lines!

    • Kathleen – that’s a superb approach. Great work on making that happen and appreciate you sharing that here. Keep it up!

  3. Business Management Consultant says:

    Great article. Thanks.

  4. Asking clients doesn’t hurt either! Explaining to a client that referrals are the backbone of any consulting business could actually build rapport too. Of course, delivering on expectations is still best.

    • Jon – indeed. It’s a simple step yet can have a profound impact on your business. Have you used this approach in your own business?

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