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Marketing Mondays: 5 Ways to Use Client Surveys

Mondaaaayyyy! Ready for another week? Here we go…

Surveys. The word just sounds boring. The average person doesn’t get excited about surveys.

But you my friend are not the average person, right? Surveys make you jump for joy, correct?

Ok, okay. I know…

Let’s get serious. Surveys are a critical part of marketing.

Here are a few ways you can use surveys in your business:

Client satisfaction – provide your clients with a survey during or after your project with them. Ask them what they liked, what could be improved and so on.

What they like – Use that information in testimonials. If you see many clients saying that they like something about you or your product/service that’s a good indication that that can become part of your USP (Unique Selling Point) – something you should highlight more on your website or marketing materials.

Let’s get serious. Surveys are a critical part of marketing.

What they don’t like – Negative comments can be hard to digest. Get over it! Negative feedback is great to receive as long as you’re prepared to act on it. Just think, if you tackle your clients concerns and improve on them you’ll create an outstanding experience that your clients will talk more about and the referrals will flood in.

Negative comments – When you get negative comments it’s always a good idea to respond to your client and thank them for being honest with you. That you value their comments and that you are already working on improvements in that area. That shows you care. That’s how you turn a negative into a positive.

Product/service development – When you ask your clients things like “What areas of your business are most challenging?” or “What causes you the most frustration with…” it’s like them giving you nuggets of gold. Each one of their answers could potentially be your next product or service offering. Again, if enough clients are telling you the same thing it’s a good indication that others will find that product or service of value.

And when you develop that new offering, guess who you can approach first about paying for it? This is a great way to find additional revenue generators for your business that make you money and add value for your consulting clients.

Ask and you shall receive.


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