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Marketing Mondays: Become an Expert By Writing a Book

Ever noticed that the most successful consultants have written a book? This is no coincidence my friend. Writing a book establishes your credibility and authority like no other way out there. There are many ways to publish a book. You can go the traditional route and work with a publisher or you can self-publish (which is becoming increasingly easy to do). Writing and publishing a book isn't as hard as many people make it out to be.
Writing and publishing a book isn't as hard as many people make it out to be.
Again, you need to have something to say. Ideally, you have new information that others haven't written on before, or you have a new take on that information.

Now, here's a quick summary on how to get the writing part of the book going:

  • Decide your topic
  • Create an outline of each chapter Make bullet points of what you'll cover in each chapter
  • Collect any reference materials you want to include in each section
  • Set a writing schedule - when you'll write each day, week, month
  • Then follow your schedule and write

After writing 5 books and guides I've found the following to work best:

  • Decide on how long you're going to write each time you sit down at your computer Just write. If you write 3 chapters or half of one in each sitting it doesn't matter. Just write.
  • Don't worry about spelling, grammar, etc. You'll fix all of that after your draft is done.
  • Write your conclusion and introduction last.
  • Design does matter. Make sure your book has a professional layout and cover/back design.
That should be enough to get you going. (You can see our consulting books here) It's a great feeling to complete a book. Even if you don't decide to sell your book, you can still self-publish it and use it to give to clients, or simply keep it on your bookshelf. In addition to all the benefits you receive by publishing your book, just writing it is a great way for you to think about your business, experience and business skills and get all of that down on paper. It's a wonderful exercise. You should write a book not because you have to, but because you want to.


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12 thoughts on “Marketing Mondays: Become an Expert By Writing a Book

  1. Pamela Luis Sanchez says:

    Yes I certainly agree of the power and effect of a book can have on business.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Definitely agree on the value, since I ghostwrite, edit and/or train consultants on how to write books. I’ve done 11 so far, 10 of them published.

    A tip I would add here: Preparation is 80 per cent of producing a book. One way to do that is to write an ebook first to work out your thought line and structure. It’s like a structural first draft, or a treatise if you will, of a much larger full scale book.

    Tony Wanless

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Michael. Do you have any advice on what software you used, which publisher you went with, and other technical aspects? Or is that a future blog post? Thanks!

    • Michael – glad you found it helpful. When I write I often start by using a simple text editor. MS Word has too many distractions as I’m typing. For the first round the goal is just to get ideas on to paper and let it come out. Word is better suited for editing and proofing.

      Technical aspects are pretty simple. If you’re going with a publisher they will take care of all that. You just send them your Word doc. If you’re going to self-publish you can easily get the requirements from the printer and set things up with Word and Acrobat PDF. The only addition is cover art and any inside graphics – that’s easy to outsource.

  4. Sameer mathur says:

    i am a Business Consultant based out of New Delhi. i have been thinking of writing a book on a subject of my choice. after reading your blog, I feel more encouraged to do this. Thanks for the tips

    Sameer Mathur
    SM Consulting

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am new business consultant causing alot of buzz in town. Broke into industry a year ago. The insights into business challenges that I have been exposed to over this short period is immense. It has stirred a vision to share these experiences and learnings by writing a book. For obvious reasons; this being unchartered waters poses some concerns/fears but thanks for making this a possibility for me. The tips are very useful and I am enthused to attempt writing now!

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