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Marketing Mondays: Harness the Power of Newsletters

Newsletters need to get more respect.

They are one of the most powerful marketing weapons you can have in your arsenal.

They are one of the most powerful marketing weapons you can have in your arsenal.

For current clients: You can continually demonstrate your consulting expertise, highlight your project work, and keep them up-to-date on what else you’re working on (can show them they made a good choice if your other clients chose you to).

For past clients: Oh, this is good stuff y’all. This is one of the best ways to re-activate inactive clients. We’ve made a whole bunch of money at our agency by sending out newsletters, holiday season emails, etc. Your past consulting clients will tend to forget you – or at least your not on their minds all the time. Let’s say they have a project that is in your area, they may think about you…or if the work you did with them was many years before they may not think about you. By sending them a newsletter once in a while or more regularly you can keep your top of mind awareness and be their first choice when they have another project that is a good fit. Times this by all of your past clients and the opportunities are many.

For prospective clients: By allowing prospects to request your newsletter they can start to get to know you. To see your expertise. To develop trust in your abilities. It’s all about building that relationship.

Email newsletters are a great way to do this and their cost is minimal. We recommend this company for newsletters and autoresponders.

Use newsletters. Stay connected.



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pipeline of clients.

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