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Marketing Mondays: Injecting Personality Into Your Marketing

By Michael Zipursky

I was driving downtown last week and saw a man and a woman standing on the corner. A clip board in each of their hands. They work for non-profits and they do their best to get the attention of people walking by…in the hopes that they’ll sign up and donate some money.

What are you doing to stand out in your marketplace?

Most people either walk right by them and look the other way, or stop for a second only to say they’re in a rush and then scoot off down the street.

This time was different. One of the guys took his clip board, put it on his head and while balancing it engaged with people as they walked up to him.

Smart! He’d accomplished his most difficult task – standing out, getting attention, and starting a conversation. Once he did that, he had exponentially raised his chances of signing people up.

What are you doing to stand out in your marketplace?

One way to stand out in most marketplaces is by creating a fresh, authentic and lively brand. Look at most of the people in the news that get attention. They tend not to be boring people. And whether or not you agree with their actions, they do what they do because they know people will take notice.

Think Lady Gaga. Here’s an artist that thrives on standing out. She knows how to get attention. She doesn’t try to come across as all polished and corporate. She goes beyond what most artists are prepared to do. And the fans love her for it.

If you’re a consultant, chances are most consultants around you talk the same way, say the same things on their websites, have the same kinds of marketing materials…and most of it all comes across as corporate, stiff, and BORING!

You have a personality. Let it shine. Inject personality into your consulting. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. The more you expose and ‘get real’ with your market, the more you’ll be noticed and talked about.

How much of your personality is evident in your marketing?

Get real, get personal.

3 thoughts on “Marketing Mondays: Injecting Personality Into Your Marketing

  1. Ernest says:

    Smart as always…!

  2. Sameer Mathur says:

    absolutely on the mark. there are two additional thoughts, if you permit
    first most of us consultants are Risk Averse, we are not comfortable straying into the unknown. secondly to stand out in the crowd, one needs to have solid content. and i define good content as anything that HITS THE NAIL ON THE MARK FROM THE CUSTOMER POINT OF VIEW. anything that is of interest to him and adds value to our offerings. .

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