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Marketing Mondays: Learning Your Way to Consulting Success

One of the keys to successful marketing and developing a thriving consulting practice is to constantly be learning.

The best and even most experienced marketers I know don’t sit at the beach all day feeling content and comfortable with what they know…

Because “they know, they don’t know it all.”

Implementing without learning means you’ll ‘get a lot done’ – but there’s a good chance you’ll be doing the wrong ‘stuff’…

No, what they do is continue to shell out their hard earned money to continue learning.

They attend seminars, purchase books, try out new technologies, pay thousands of dollars to work with coaches and the list goes on…

The moment you stop learning is when you start your decline.

Not just mentally or physically, but also financially

…because as your learning declines, your competition continues to learn.

Soon they’ve knocked you off your comfortable position and you’re left trying to catch up.

Learning without implementing gives you book smarts.

Implementing without learning means you’ll ‘get a lot done’ – but there’s a good chance you’ll be doing the wrong ‘stuff’ and waste a lot of money and time along the way.

Implementing as you learn on an on-going basis is an extremely powerful combination.

To learning!



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pipeline of clients.

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7 thoughts on “Marketing Mondays: Learning Your Way to Consulting Success

  1. Bill says:

    Good morning and I you are right on point, as expected, with this. I am new to the consulting business and work it in combination as a coach too. It never fails me that as I plan my discussions something comes across to me in a blog post, story I read in the newspaper, book quote, and/or so many other ways that rings a bell with me and it works its way into the presentation. Perfect fits more often then not and never fail to amaze me.

    When I am open to this it just unfolds and does not lock me into presentations that are canned and based entirely on old knowledge. It sharpens them and adds todays excitement to them. I have learned to treat them as inspirations to me and in turn I can twist them into helpful snipits for my clients,

    It works and I will never feel as if I know all of it because each and every moment has a learning opportunity to it. I use this too in my presentations hoping to get them to understand its benefit not only to realize but to go after in a proactive manner. Be open to the moment and where it may lead you.

    As I learn I pass on and the wheel keeps on rolling.
    Thank you.

    • Bill thanks for sharing and the thoughtful comment. Always happy to connect with another ‘learner’ : )

  2. Nicole says:

    And learning is so much fun! I am a marketing consultant with many years experience in traditional marketing. For the past couple of years, I started to follow courses and attend seminars to learn more about digital marketing. It is like if I was starting a new career with increased motivation and drive. Never stop learning even if it is just to keep having fun!!

    • That’s great to hear Nicole. Wonderful that you’re doing that and speaks a lot to the success you’ll have!

  3. I have found that if I am sharing what I know, it forces me to go out and learn new things so that I have new information to share the next time around. It’s easier, to me, to come back to a previous client and provide new information than it is to share the same old information with new clients.

  4. Richardinfo says:

    While starting a business, Initially everybody needs consultation and management systems. Global services provider companies provides all types of consultation for your business.

    Learning such techniques at early stages, about the business, helps a lot in future.

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